Okay again sorry for the mistakes and द्वारा the way there are only 7 members of the Cullen family. I messed up in saying there were 8 in the सेकंड chapter.

Is There Anything आप Can't Do?

Previously: BPOV

"Well then Cullen's welcome to Volterra, Italy. I hope आप enjoy your stay and Bella" I looked over at him." I hope आप do change your mind." Is it to late to jump out of the car?

NOW EPOV (by the way it won't always be like this I just want to clarify the characters and what is going on)

Ah today is the day. It was feeding time but that wasn't what I was looking आगे to. I was looking आगे to meeting the newest Cullen. Last week Gina our human secretary downstairs कहा that the Cullen's confirmed in visiting us. I mean I knew they would say yes but it would be interesting if the new vamp convinced him otherwise. So far all we know about the new vamp is that she is a girl and maybe some sort of shield and of course when she meets us the newest member of our guard. या maybe if she is pretty enough a new toy for me to play with.

The grand doors opened as the tourists gasped taking pictures. My eyes darkened with hunger and they were all a good smelling bunch. With Heidi leading them she brought us up to where we were sitting. Aro made is usual introduction but added saying that one person randomly would be picked for a special prize. A.k.a for us to lure in the new vamp.

I got up and started looking them over. The girls hearts beat faster and the men's thoughts were of hope and hatred for me. They thought I was looking them over when I was trying to find the best scent. I stopped in front of a woman who was stick thin. She didn't look beautiful and she was hiding behind pounds of make up and not wearing enough clothes. I smiled my crooked smile as I nodded towards one of the guards that she was the winner. She squealed and they took her out of the room, once out of sight they knocked her unconscious.

"I do hope आप will stay with us for dinner." And the feeding began.


Almost two hours later the room was blood free with not even the scent lingering. Right now Aro, Caius, Marcus, and I were seated at the thrones. We also had Felix, Demetri, Renata, Heidi and then Jane and Alec will be joining us later.

Your majesty the Cullen's are on there way up and they did bring the girl. Gina thought. Some people wonder why we have a human. I myself am not sure but she is loyal and Felix fancies her. Besides she can be disposed at any time.

The footsteps came closer. A pair of feet were Jane's and there were 7 और pairs which must have been the Cullen's. Jane and Alec opened the doors and the Cullen's came in. All of them looked exactly the same. Ah the beauty of being a vampire.

"Carlisle my good friend so glad आप could make it and आप brought your family. आप remember the guard." Aro said.

"Same to आप Aro. आप remember my family. My wife Esme. My sons Emmett and Jasper, there mates Rosalie and Alice and-" Carlisle was cut off and the most beautiful vampire I have ever seen in my life stepped forward. She had silky brown hair with a red streak in it, her skin a creamy white, curves in all the right place, and her eyes mostly golden with a hint of topaz.

"Hello my name is Isabella Sw-" She paused before correcting herself. "Cullen but everyone calls me Bella." A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. And she stuck out her hand. Was she serious? She wanted Aro to see her thoughts? He had to get most of them to trust him before he can do that. "Don't worry, I don't bite." With that Aro got up out of his chair and grasped her hand. After a few सेकंड्स he gasped.

"Marvelous. I, I can not see या hear anything there is nothing there. Edward can आप read her mind?" He asked. I focused my attention on the girl and got nothing not even a whisper. I tried again but again nothing cam so I shook my head no. "Splendid! Her mind completely silent Jane?" Her family visibly stiffened, Jane smiled that cruel smile that makes a person scream but she did not fall screaming या even flinch. Jane was furious that her power didn't work and was thinking up ways to get back at her. "Tell me Bella how does your power work?"

"I'm not quite sure myself. everyone always कहा when I was human I never did what they thought I would do, they could never figure me out. The most complicated puzzle with no clue how to put all the right pieces together. I also have two और abilities if आप would like me to दिखाना you." My Bella said. Well not mine yet. But she had three abilities! That is impossible is there anything that this woman cant do? I struggled to keep my mouth closed as did my Uncles but my father was bouncing up and down for joy.

Oh I cannot wait for her to शामिल होइए the guard!

"My other ability is that I am also a physical shield. It can block the people who have physical abilities and block solid objects. Emmett maybe it would better if आप helped me demonstrate." She motioned for Aro to get back and he sat back on his सीट leaning आगे as the rest of us were. Emmett charged at her but when he got within 5 feet he bounced back. She made the shield an ice blue for us to see. Absolutely amazing.

"Marvelous. that's it आप must शामिल होइए the guard." Aro said. And I definitely agreed. My if I wasn't here Aro would have her as the princess. Her face was calm and relaxed until Edward कहा that he wanted her to join. If it was possible Bella paled even more.

"I'm sorry Aro but I don't want to join." She said. While the others gasped we were unfazed, we expected that she would say no and came prepared. Aro had Felix bring in the girl. Bella's face paled even more. Io wonder if she becomes anymore pale if she will come translucent?

"Here आप would be able to drink humans all the time, not live द्वारा animals." Marcus said. He nodded to Felix who slit the humans throat open. Even had fed less than 2 hours पूर्व my eyes darkened along with everyone else's eyes. With the exception of Carlisle. She came towards the human and our smug faces were evident and her families faces had a look of betrayal. She took a deep breath and looked up at Aro. and her eyes were... wait they, they hadn't even changed the slightest bit! And she was still breathing normally. What is wrong with this girl?

"My last ability is to be immune to human blood." she कहा and turned back around and walked towards her family. Ugh she is such a freak.

"Where did आप pick up this one Carlisle?" The beauty turned back towards me and gritted her teeth.

"She is just like आप and me Edward. Just because she doesn't lust for human blood like regular newborns doesn't mean she is a freak." And they say I am the mind reader. Ugh what use to the guard will she be if she is just some pansy veggie vamp.

"Look Aro, Marcus, Caius, Edward I have no interest in becoming one of the guard. if आप like I will stay here and see if I change my mind if that please you." She कहा before things got out of hand and my father was back to smiling again.

"We would प्यार for आप to stay here."

"One condition, my family gets to go."

"You do not make the orders around here." I hissed and she glared at me. I flinched back. A beautiful creature such as her should not be so angry.

"No if Bella stays here we stay here." Esme कहा and her family all nodded in agreement.

"Well then Cullen's welcome to Volterra, Italy. I hope आप enjoy your stay and Bella" She looked over at him." I hope आप do change your mind."

"Thank आप Aro." And I swear just to placate us she did a little bow. Bella turned to leave along with the rest of her family.

"Bella" I called out. she tensed and turned back towards me. Through clenched teeth she hissed

"Yes Edward?" I smirked.

"First of all it is your majesty या master. Whichever आप prefer.

"I'm a guest here Edward so unless आप want me to leave I'll call आप Edward या would आप prefer Eddie? " Ugh why does she have to be right.

"I" I stopped " I mean we would like to ask आप a few सवालों of your human life." her family started to come towards her again. "Privately." She gave them a look and they left reluctantly.

"So what do आप want to know?" Ah where to begin.