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Previously: EPOV

Okay Edward आप are smart why would Carlisle hide this. Even when he changed Esme he told us. Why hide this girl, I mean yes she killed a vampire one महीना into the vampire life but they have so much human blood in them so they are stronger and faster. She obviously had the advantage. And it couldn't be anyone we knew, we barely go out except for the missions. I pulled on my bronze hair making it और messy. I haven't even met this girl and I have a million सवालों to ask her.


I was fidgeting in my सीट trying to keep calm and since I had my shield up Jasper's calming ability wasn't working. I know it was harder for him being on the plane than me because he drank human blood for और than 150 years I was just nervous about the Volturi. I mean I would probably say something idiotic and they would annoy me to the point to where I would hurt them and then I would be put into the dungeon या killed. I don't know which is worse.

"We will be landing in Italy in ten मिनटों please fasten your सीट belts and thank आप for flying with International Airlines." Oh my god ten minutes. Breathe Bella, breathe. Wait I don't need to breathe. I immediately lowered my physical shield and felt Jasper's calming influence.

"Keep both of your shields up at all times, if आप ever feel panicked enough lower your shield and give Jasper a look for him to use his power and most of all keep your face expressionless." Alice कहा at vampire speed so the humans didn't here. I nodded my head and took a deep breath, the scents of the humans filled my nose in this claustrophobic area but yet the burn did not come, it never would. Why did I agree to this.

The plane landed and the doors opened. We would arrive in Volterra in less than an घंटा and in to the palace in about ten मिनटों after we entered the city.

30 मिनटों later we had all of our luggage for our three to four night stay. And headed towards the door. Carlisle did not tell us how we were arriving to the गढ़, महल and द्वारा the looks outside unless the Volturi came prepared we weren't going to get there anytime soon unless they wanted us to sparkle. that so takes away from the वैंपायर mystique. आप expect there weakness to be the sun and for them to burn but they sparkle. That just seems so stupid.

"You have got to be kidding me" rose muttered. I followed her gaze and saw our name on a big piece of cardboard along with 2 vampires. We came up to them and they handed us pitch black cloaks that shielded us from the sun and led us to a stretch limo which Emmett happily jumped into while I hesitantly went in last. Well there is no turning back now.

Unless I jump out of the limo.


An घंटा later the black gates opened to lead us up to the Volturi castle. It was beautiful but also had an era around it that made आप want to turn around and go back the way आप came. Pulling our हुड, डाकू back up we rushed into the front doors as humanly quickly as possible because there are some onlookers curious to see the visitors.

I can't believe Aro wants to meet me. He knows I exist I don't need to meet him. I should have tracked Victoria and killed her to so we wouldn't be in this mess. No Bella your good now don't go killing people because they make your life even और complicated. We walked in and I गलाना, पिघलता human and saw one behind the डेस्क typing away on the computer furiously. Didn't they say NO humans should know our secret and they have one working for them. The वैंपायर that led us in were now gone. Well the human had to be there for a reason so I swiftly walked up to her. She stopped and looked up her eyes widening.

"Hi Aro wanted to meet me, do आप know where he is?" The rest of my family was द्वारा me now.

"Ah Carlisle there आप are Aro will be delighted आप made it." We turned to see a girl that looked about 12 to 13 years old. Her gaze slid over to me and she smiled. "And I see आप have brought the newest member of your family." well no duh." Aro and the rest are in the meeting room follow me." She started to walk away.

"Wait" I called she looked at me suspiciously. I took off the black cloak, wearing one meant आप were one of the guard and I definitely wasn't one of the guard. Once it was folded around my arms I nodded for her to go ahead again. While my family just smirked at me.

Going through twists and turns unless आप were familiar of this place आप would get lost, even a vampire would get lost. After a few और turns we came to grand oak doors that reached up to the ceiling and in front of them was a boy about Jane's age. they walked आगे hugged and kissed each others cheeks. That must be Alec. They looked at us one और time and opened the doors. We all walked in gracefully/ there were four thrones each filled. Three of them looked about 30 with blood red eyes fresh from just being fed. then there was one my age who looked like a Greek God. Tousled bronze hair and one of the most beautiful वैंपायर I had ever seen in my entire life, which isn't many but still. The major turn off was his eyes blood red like the others and I felt disgusted that he could kill an innocent human without a सेकंड thought.

"Carlisle my good friend so glad आप could make it and आप brought your family. आप remember the guard." the one with stark black hair said, he must be Aro. Around us there were about 6 और vampires. I felt entirely to uncomfortable here and struggled to keep my face expressionless.

"Same to आप Aro. आप remember my family. My wife Esme. My sons Emmett and Jasper, there mates Rosalie and Alice and-" I cut him off and stepped a few steps forward, everyone's attention including the Greek Gods was on me.

"Hello my name is Isabella Se" I stopped and corrected my self" Cullen, but everyone calls me Bella." And I held out my hand, I knew of Aro's power but wanted to see if it worked on me. He looked at me like I grew a third eye. "Don't worry I don't bite." He saw I was not afraid got up fluidly and took my hand. He was even paler up close and his skin felt papery. I heard him gasp and released his grip. Everyone visibly inched forward.

"Marvelous. I, I can not see या hear anything there is nothing there. Edward can आप read her mind?" the Greek god shook his head no. Oh so his name is Edward. Wait आप do not care, I mean look at his eyes! "Splendid! Her mind completely silent Jane?" My family visibly stiffened yet nothing ever came and now Aro was visibly jumping up and down and the other three on the thrown along with everyone else looked at me in disbelief. I just had to quirk a smile. "Tell me Bella how does your power work?"

"I'm not quite sure myself. everyone always कहा when I was human I never did what they thought I would do, they could never figure me out. The most complicated puzzle with no clue how to put all the right pieces together. I also have two और abilities if आप would like me to दिखाना you." Aro smile was so big I thought it might विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें his face in half and the other guards just seemed to drop their mouths on the floor.

"Three abilities. That's amazing please demonstrate."

"My other ability is that I am also a physical shield. It can block the people who have physical abilities and block solid objects. Emmett maybe it would better if आप helped me demonstrate." He smiled and I motioned for Aro to get back he sat back on his thrown. I nodded for Emmett to go. He ran vampire speed but when he came in 5 feet of me he bounced back. there were gasps and I mad the shield visible.

"Marvelous. that's it आप must शामिल होइए the guard." Aro said.
Cool, wait what?

"I'm sorry Aro but I don't want to join." The वैंपायर on the सिंहासन seemed unfazed. he brought his hand up and waved his hand. Looking back at the door one of the guards (I think his name is Felix) came in carrying an unconscious human. Oh my God he wouldn't. Felix came आगे and positioned the human 5 feet away from me.

"Here आप would be able to drink humans all the time, not live द्वारा animals." Marcus said. He nodded to Felix and so quick that if आप weren't a vampire आप wouldn't see it Felix slit the humans throat and blood started pouring out. I smirked inwardly as I walked towards the human. My family was probably looking at me in disbelief and Aro and the other leaders looked smug. I lent down to where the blood was pouring and took a deep breath so they could all hear and looked up at Aro. He gasped my eyes did not even change they were still a golden color and hadn't even turned the least bit black.

"My last ability is to be immune to human blood." I turned on the ball of my foot and turned back to my family.

"Where did आप pick up this one Carlisle?" A velvet voice said. I'm not an object, standing द्वारा Alice I turned back around to see that it was Edward who spoke. That bastard.

"She is just like आप and me Edward. Just because she doesn't lust for human blood like regular newborns doesn't mean she is a freak." that was so true because even though Eddie didn't say it he so meant it. Before this could get any worse I spoke up again.

"Look Aro, Marcus, Caius, Edward I have no interest in becoming one of the guard. if आप like I will stay here and see if I change my mind if that please you." My god I did not just say that. Aro smiled again.

"We would प्यार for आप to stay here."

"One condition, my family gets to go."

"You do not make the orders around here" Edward seethed. I just glared at him that made him flinch back.

"No if Bella stays here we stay here." Esme कहा and they all nodded in agreement.

"Well then Cullen's welcome to Volterra, Italy. I hope आप enjoy your stay and Bella" I looked over at him." I hope आप do change your mind." Is it to late to jump out of the car?