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Previously: BPOV

"Bella आप don't have to go, we will figure something out. But if आप are not going I get to take आप shopping when ever I want and do Bella Barbie." Alice chirped. I unfolded my arms and looked at Carlisle.

"When does the plane leave?"


The last of the screams died down as the guard finished off the सेकंड group of tourists. being royalty आप always get to go first and get anything आप want.

My name is Edward Volturi, in other words the most sexiest, powerful vampire alive. I can get any girl to do what I want her to do with just a crooked smile and being the son of the leader of the Volturi does help. but seriously who just can't प्यार me, I'm irresistible.

Right now I was पढ़ना Romeo and Juliet. Why? I have no idea. This book is completely stupid I don't know how he ever became famous. I mean killing yourself for your 'love' is so immature Romeo just needs to grow up. And this wasn't even प्यार it was lust, who actually falls in प्यार at 14 years old it's propitious. I don't know why I read this when it's all wrong.

Ugh why do I have to do this, Master can just call him in his thoughts but no Jane go get Edward and bring him here.

Jane thought.

Even though she could be annoying at sometimes she was a loyal servant. My ability is to read minds which comes in handy when questioning a vampire या who we can actually trust.

"Tell father I will be right down Jane." I hear her sigh and run back down to the feeding room which I guess आप could call it a ball room या a meeting room. When ever meeting new वैंपायर या meeting old ones या just feeding it all happened in that room. I marked the page and ran downstairs to greet my father and my uncles.

Walking into the room three of the four thrones were filled and in front of them was a vampire with fiery red hair. the room itself looked relatively new when it was decades maybe even centuries old. It could hold thousands of वैंपायर in here and had a unique charm as almost everything in this room was made of marble. I slid into my chair gracefully bored that we had to listen to this rogue vampire. Most who come in only plead to शामिल होइए our guard but none of them ever have enough talent to.

"Why are आप here and state your name. And it better be important enough for our time." Aro कहा in a calm voice.

"Yes your majesties. My name is Victoria. My mate was killed and-"

"Look" I seethed " Your loss is not our concern so if आप come to tell us that आप want our guard to kill who ever did that to your mate आप might as well leave." I could see her anger bubbling.

"I wouldn't waste your guards time in doing that. it wasn't particulary what happened but who killed him." Now here is something interesting. Aro, Caius, and Marcus all leaned आगे a fraction of an inch in their seats." One of Carlisle Cullen's family members killed him." Cullen? But he was such a nice man and raised his family that way to. For Gods sake they drank off the blood of animals! And she wants us to believe one member of his coven killed her mate.

"Who was it? Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, hell was it Esme?" Caius asked. Even he was curious to see what happened. But she nodded her head no.

"When James, Laurent, and I saw them there were not 7 but 8 members in their family." 8 but that is impossible whenever a newborn is created they must come here to see if they are any use to the guard. It wasn't written but it mine a s well be a law. " I am sorry to say this happened 6 months पूर्व and when we met the newborn she was about a महीना old into her vampire life. And she has some unique abilities." she did not wait to see if Aro was interested because we all were." The newborn.. well we never got to know them but my ability is to sense danger coming from someone. Like if they were a danger to me I would run and James was a tracker but when we met her it was like she wasn't even there. I did not know if she was a threat and when James tried to find her he could find her scent but it would only last a few feet before he could figure out which direction she was going."

Hmm a shield an excellent power for the guard. And for a newborn to have killed a vampire who has to be hundreds of years older than her is marvelous. I'm upset Carlisle did not bring her to us. Well we will just send him a card bringing his enlarged family to Volterra and we can convince the girl to become one of us. I'm sure she is just dieing to drink some human blood and it will be easier to persuade her that way. Aro thought and looked over at me. I nodded my head in agreement.

"Thank आप Victoria we shall deal with this आप may leave." She just bowed silently and left.

"Shouldn't आप have checked her thoughts Aro?" Marcus questioned.

"No, there was no need to. But I think Carlisle is long overdue for a trip to Italy. Jane." he called. She came आगे and bowed quickly "Send Carlisle and his new family a letter that I would like them all to come to my city."

"Yes master." And she dashed off again.

"Why do आप think Carlisle hid this from us. do आप think she is powerful enough to even bring आप down?" I questioned. Carlisle is a good friend of ours but I can't understand why he would keep this from us.

"I don't know son but we shall find out soon enough. अगला week knock a human unconcious before the feeding begins I think we might need some leverage for the girl to शामिल होइए us." we all nodded and I headed back to my room.

Okay Edward आप are smart why would Carlisle hide this. Even when he changed Esme he told us. Why hide this girl, I mean yes she killed a vampire one महीना into the vampire life but they have so much human blood in them so they are stronger and faster. She obviously had the advantage. And it couldn't be anyone we knew, we barely go out except for the missions. I pulled on my bronze hair making it और messy. I haven't even met this girl and I have a million सवालों to ask her