Yeah, peoples I am Back! :) And I swear that I shall finish this story. for those of आप who are confused I had to stop लेखन another story because I had no idea where it was going but I had inspiration to write this one. From what I have no idea.

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How Many Times Can One Say No?


"No, no, no, no, no ,no, no, no, no ,no I would rather burn in hell! No, No, No!" I कहा and stomped my foot on the ground like an impatient child. My name is Bella हंस या now I guess Bella Cullen, I'm still not used to the whole name changing thing along with moving and along with drinking blood. Yeah blood we are vampires. We as in Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rose, Alice, and Jasper, they are my new awesome vampire family.

See I just got turned into a vampire 7 months ago, clearly still a newborn. 6 months पूर्व we ran into this coven of human drinking vampires. Oh did I forget to mention that we drink the blood of जानवर instead of humans? Anyways the coven was threatening our family of how they made a newborn and didn't tell Aro. Why does this guy need to know everything? Anyways it got to the point where people were getting really suspicious of us and James(the leader) almost killed Alice because she was his singer back when she was human. So since Jasper was tied up with dealing with James mate Victoria I had to kill him. With my awesome newborn strength and speed it was a piece of cake. But Victoria had to be a कुतिया, मतलबी and run off and told the Volturi (most powerful वैंपायर in the world) about me and I had amazing abilities, of course we didn't find out until later that I actually do have amazing abilities and also Aro wants Carlisle to bring his enlarged family. Not cool.

I find myself pretty average amongst most vampires. I had brown hair with a red streak in it, my eyes were still a bit नारंगी, ऑरेंज but mostly golden. I was pale, quick, strong, and as Alice says dazzling like the rest of the vampires. But when आप stand अगला to Alice a short spunky pixie with awesome fashion sense who could make wearing a potato sack fashionable या Rosalie a blonde beauty that made your self esteem go down द्वारा being in the same room आप can't help but feel average. I had three abilities. I am a mental shield, a physical shield(against powers and objects) and completely immune to human blood. In fact my सेकंड दिन as a newborn we were running द्वारा when there was this huge car crash, I गलाना, पिघलता blood and hurried over to them. While still breathing regularly I pulled the people out of the car and called 911. Thank god I skipped over that part.

Right now we were living in the miniscule town named Forks and Carlisle just received a letter from the almighty leader Aro. Rolls eyes, whatever. But apparently it wasn't just a whatever this was a big come here या we will come to your घर with are amazingly powerful guard and kill आप unless आप come. Eh I've dealt with worse which is exactly why I didn't want to go. I was sort of a rebel when I was human hung out with the wrong crowd after my mom Renee died. I have hurt people and killed one but it still didn't make me snap out of I'm all that phase. What did was seeing the guys family. Even though he totally deserved it his families faces made me regret it. That is when I stopped made amends with the family and went back to fixing my life. And I didn't go to jail since they कहा I was using self defense. But apparently no one told his groupies that I changed and decided to make me suffer through 5 months of absolute torture. That is when god stepped in and showed me the light of Carlisle which is why I am what I am in shortened version. So where was I? Oh yeah, since I got a new chance at life I left all the bad नितंब, गधा stuff and wouldn't go anywhere near a bad 'group' again. Which is exactly what the FUCKING Volturi are!

"Carlisle please" I begged. "I made a vow I wouldn't even go near someone like the Volturi again. I don't care if they want to meet me. Okay look Aro dude आप have one और vampire in the world आप don't exactly need to meet me." While Carlisle's face was still grave, Emmett quirked a smile.

"You do know he is not here right?" he said. I pinched the bridge of my nose. God Emmett has to be the stupidest vampire on earth. I प्यार him like the awesome brother he is but sometimes आप just wonder.

"Look Carlisle what happens if I don't go? What are they going to do."

"Well I see them coming to our house and Jane using her ability to make us scream in pain 'til आप go with them." कहा Alice.

"You are so lying."

"Yeah but what's the harm in going." I just raised my eyebrow as if to say are आप serious.

"Look Bella we go, आप say hi and we leave." Carlisle compromised.

"No." I कहा back stubbornly.

"Bella आप don't have to go, we will figure something out. But if आप are not going I get to take आप shopping when ever I want and do Bella Barbie." Alice chirped. I unfolded my arms and looked at Carlisle.

"When does the plane leave?"