My name was Isabella but I preferred to be called Bella I was 5 and I lived with my Mom and Dad, there names were Charlie and Renee. I had a happy life until the दिन of the accident…

The दिन of the accident

"So Bells, where do आप want to eat tonight, it's your birthday so it's your choice" I giggled, my Mommy always liked to surprise me at the last मिनट "Um I don't know" "You have too have some sort of idea" "Ice-cream!" They laughed; I loved seeing my parents so happy. We were driving down a highway and it was snowing, I didn't like the snow because I always slipped over, my Mom always called me something like a klutz.

My Mom and Dad were talking in the front when we saw two really bright lights heading towards us "Charlie watch out!" All I remember was the car sliding and then everything went pitch black.

I woke up and my head really hurt I started crying "Mommy I bumped my head" There was no answer, I could see the car and my Mom and Dad were lying a few feet away from it. I crawled over to my Mom. She was gasping and she had red stuff all in her hair and on her face. She choked out "Bella" "Mommy I bumped my head…what's wrong?" She was still gasping and now she was crying "Bella…I can't feel my legs" I started crying now "Yes आप can silly…just…move…them" "I… cant" "Yes आप can" My Mom always told me that if someone couldn't feel there legs, they were in big trouble and I needed to find help "Do आप remember what आप told me Mommy, I just need to get आप some help and आप will be ok" I sobbed I knew what was happening "Bella I'm cold" This made me sob more, I lifted her head and put it in my lap. "HELP! Someone help us!" She was still gasping for air "Mommy आप can't die…it's my birthday…you can't die" "Bella I प्यार you…" She choked again and started shaking while she was talking "Be a good girl, I'll always be with you" I screamed at her "No! You're not going to die Mommy not on my birthday" "I प्यार you" She took her last breathe and laid very still in my arms, I screamed at the चोटी, शीर्ष of my lungs "NO MOMMY COME BACK!" I shook her. I started whispering "Mommy I'm scared"

I was crying and screaming at the same time "Its just a dream, its just a dream" I then remembered my Dad, I carefully laid Mommy's body on the snow and got and started walking over to my Dad, the ice was slippy and I slip and fell on my face, I grazed my hands "OWW!" I sobbed. I gave up walking so I crawled "Daddy, Mommy's gone, she wont wake up" I pushed him slightly "Daddy?" I sobbed again "Daddy wake up, Mommy is gone we have to wake her up…daddy wake up!" I started shaking "No…not आप too…it's my birthday Daddy…you can't die…you have to say happy birthday beautiful like always remember…Daddy?" I cried and kissed him on the cheek; I then moved away from his body and sat away in the snow.

I had my knee's tucked up to my chin, I was shaking, I started गाना the song my Mom used to sing to me when I was scared. "Hush little (Sob) Bella don't आप (Sob) cry, Momma's gonna buy आप a moking bird (Sob) and if that mocking bird dont sing(Sob) Daddy's gonna bye आप a diamond ring" I cried over and over again. I saw lights coming towards me getting closer and closer, and there were loud sirens, the cars stopped and many people got out from the cars. A man with blonde wavy hair came over to me "Bella my name is Doctor Cullen, आप don't need to be afraid, I'm going to help you" How did he know my name, I didn't know why but I started talking too him "My Mommy and Daddy" I whispered so quietly I didn't think he would have heard me "Don't worry now Bella, worry about yourself" He put his arms down as if to pick me up and I found my self trusting him straight away and I let him carry me, he seemed colder than the snow.

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