I was sitting in my room पढ़ना a book that I saw in the पुस्तकालय "The Vampire Diaries" normally I would have no intention to read these kind of books, since I have a boyfriend that is a vampire I figured it would be intrusting. I wish I was strong like Elena या as any of her firends, Stefan reminds me of my Edward, polite, caring of other people, veggie vampire, loves Elena-
there was a knock at my window, Edward was right outside, I hid my book under my pillow. It's sunny today so I didn't think he would be stopping by; his sparkles were clearly visble, I opened the window to his grinning face he kissed me as he came in the window "Hey" he कहा as he let my lips go "Hi, I'm sorry about the window, I didn't think आप were coming by" he went over and layed on the बिस्तर "Bella no matter the sun I always want to see you" I was happy so I literally jumped him and I was sitting on चोटी, शीर्ष of him "Well someone is excited" he murmured as I covered his lips with my own. We spend a few मिनटों kissing, I trapped Edwards's hands with my own and when I relesed them he rolled me over and we were side to side still चुंबन with Edward's arm around my waist and my hands in his hair, Edward's face was uncomfortable and I let go of his lips to ask "Why do आप have that look on your face?" and he stiffened "What do आप have under this pillow?" my hand went under the तकिया and threw my book on the floor he shot up "What was that?" and I didn't answer, I just kissed him hard on the mouth knocking him back over on the bed. He lifted me up in the air and settled me down on the other side of the बिस्तर and ran over and picked up my book and opened it up "Edward!" I whined and ran over to get it but he raised his hand so I couldn't reach it, but he gave it back
"The Vampire Diaries, Bella I never knew आप were into this" Edward said
"Well my boyfriend is a vampire a vampire for whom I प्यार so dearly so I'm into वैंपायर now"
I कहा while I looked right at him.
"Edward" I कहा as I walked over to him "I प्यार आप और than anything Edward, so I want to see other vampire human प्यार to see how others see each other"
"So are we doing right so far?" he asked
"Yes of course" I said
He looked at the book "So do आप like it so far?" he asked me
"Yeah and I think that the Stefan in the पुस्तकें is knda cute" I कहा in a teasing tone.
Edward growled "Your going to pay for that one Swan"
"Bring-it Cullen" I कहा accepting the challenge
He pushed me back on the बिस्तर and we began were we left off.