My eyes were opened when I first saw you,you made my दिल skip a beat,I heard nothing but yours...your heart,Never have felt the way I feel about आप in a century,I want आप around me,but I'm in a need to know

Chorus: Oh Bella,Oh Bella it's hard to resist,every हटाइए आप make,every step आप take,every word आप say,every breath आप take makes my दिल ache,Oh Bella,Oh Bella it's hard to resist

I couldn't stop thinking about you,so oh,oh I revealed who I was,i could not hide, they say that's what happens when "two hearts collide" and I didn't believe until I experienced it,Does not change the fact that oh Bella आप need to hear


But now looking since आप are mine,I guess आप could say we are doing fine but Im still reserved ,you think Im obsurd for saying I have to be careful but the fact still remains...