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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
They Raced Edd To The Hospital,And The Nurse Stopped Them From Entering The Room They Took Edd In.

Nurse:I'm Sorry Boys,But आप Can't Follow Your Friend.

Eddy:But We Can't Leave Him!

Nurse:I'm Sorry,But आप Can't.Don't Worry,He's In Good Hands.

Eddy And Ed Looked Back Once और To See That Edd Was Okay,And He Shook In One Violent Spasm.The Steady Beating Of His दिल Stopped And The Monitor Screeched Out A Loud,"BEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP"

Doctor:Get Them Out Of Here!

Eddy And Ed:EDD!

Doctor:Get Them Out!

The Nurse Showed Them To A Waiting Room,And Eddy And Ed Fell To The Floor On The Ground.The Only Thing...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Ed:May...Why Are आप Doing This?

May:You Must Die...

Ed:No...Don't आप Remember Our Happy Times In The Cul-De-Sac? आप Chasing Us,The Kissing?...

May:I've Never Loved You.

Ed:But...You Have To Remember...

May Struck A Blow To His Left Arm,Deeply Cutting It.Ed Held It And Yelled Out In Pain.Ed Raised His Hand Up,And A Bomb Appeared In His Hand.

Ed:Bomb Of Love,Battle May Kanker!

Ed Thrust The Bomb At May,And May Dropped To The Floor,And Appeared In Her Normal Clothes.She Sat Up.

May:Thank You...For Releasing Me,Ed...

Ed:No Problem...

Ed's Pendant Started Glowing,It Turned Into A Green Locket With A Purple...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
"He Never Touched The Ground..."

Because He Fell Into The Moat.He Crawled Out,And He Saw Something Beside Him.ED'S BOOK!

Edd:Oh,No! Ed Didn't Teleport Himself,And He Teleported His Book द्वारा Accident! I've Got To Get Up There...

Edd Read The Book,And Found A Spell On How To Grow Wings.He Chanted The Same Magic Words He Did Before,Exept Backwards."mO aveD uruJ"

He Was Sent To His Knees,Vomiting In Spades.He Stopped Vomiting,But He Soon Felt A Sharp,Stinging,Pain In His Back.He Screamed Out In Pain,Holding His Head,His Pain Getting Worse And His Scream Getting Louder.A Big Lump Was Under His Shirt...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Ed, Edd, And Eddy Were Running Down The Path, The Kanker Sisters Hot On Their Trail.

Eddy: HELP!



Kankers: Come Back Here, Darlings!

They Ran Into Ed's Basement And Locked The Door.

Edd: I Think We लॉस्ट Them.

Ed: Buttered(Pant)Toast.

Eddy: Darn Kankers! Theyre So Repulsive!

Edd: Incredible, Eddy! I Didnt Know आप Used Words Like Repulsive!

Eddy: Shut Up.

Edd: What Does That Mean, Exactly?

Ed: Whats This?

Ed Scratched His Face And Pointed To A Book On His Bed. Edd Picked It Up. It Read On The Cover;Quest For The Raneth;

Edd: Hmm;This Looks Like A Fine Novel.

Eddy: I Hate Books....
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
This Is The Sequel To "Cry For The Shadow Of Yesterday"If आप Haven't Read It,READ THAT FIRST!!! Thank You.


It was A Sunny Day,And Sayuri Was Lying On Her बिस्तर Thinking About Her Past.

Sayuri:Why Must The Memories From My Past Haunt Me? I Succeeded In Finding प्यार Like Satsuri Said,But My Past Still Haunts Me.I Need To Clear My Thoughts...

Sayuri Gets Up And Walks Off.In The Meantime,Eddy Was Walking Up To Sayuri's House.He Knocks.


No Answer.He Opens The Door.


He Walks Inside And Shuts The Door.He Walks Into Sayuri's Room,And Finds A Drawer Open.(Uh-Oh...)He...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
It Was A Bright And Sunny Day,But Nobody Was Outside.Why,You Ask? Because They Were Out So Many Times In The Summer,They Just Wanted To Stay Inside To Rest.They Were All Content With Their Resting,But One Girl Was Not....Sayuri...She Was Sitting On Her Bed,And She Opened A Drawer And Got Out A Diary.It Was Big And Baby Blue,And The Word's "Sayuri's Diary"Was Written On It.She Flipped Through To The First Page,Which Read:

"Dear Diary,

Hello,My Name Is Sayuri Chiyo.I Live In America With My Mother,My Father,And My Sister,Satsuri Chiyo.We Live In A Little Cave,But It Is Very Beautiful.My Mother...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
It Was क्रिस्मस In आड़ू, पीच Creek, And The Cul-De-Sac Was Preparing For The Awaited Holiday. The Eds, या Ed, Edd, And Eddy As They Were Also Known, Were In Eddy's Room, Decorating A Medium-Sized क्रिस्मस Tree. Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly, Fa La La La La,They Sang.

There Was A Knock On The Door. "I'll Get It." Edd Offered, Walking Towards The Door. He Slid It Open To Find The Kanker Sisters, या May, Lee, And Marie As They Were Also Known, At The Door. May Wore A Baby Blue Sweatsuit, Marie Wore A Green जैकेट With Blue Jeans, And Lee Wore A Red Sweater With Blue Jeans, Her Hair Done Up...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Sayuri Was In Bed,Sleeping Soundly,Wearing Her Winter White Nightgown.Her Twinkling Green Eyes Then Opened,And A Smile Crossed Her Face.She Got Up,And Got Dressed In Her Blue Silk Dress,White Shoes,And She Let Her Hair Down And Brushed It.She Then Put It In The Heart-Shaped Odangoes She Loved,And Slipped On Her सोना Locket With Eddy's Picture In It.She Looked At Herself In A Full-Lenth Mirror,And Walked Outside.She Walked Over To The Cul-De-Sac,And Saw Eddy Standing On His Front Lawn.

Sayuri:Good Morning,Eddy!

Eddy Turned To See His Girlfriend,And Smiled At Her.

Eddy:Good Morning,Sayuri!

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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Eddy Awoke To A Shining New Day.But Not Just Any Day.Eddy's BIRTHDAY! He Was Turning 12 Today.

Eddy:It's Birthday Time,Eddy My Boy!

Eddy Measured Himself,And Popped Into The Shower.He Then Got Dressed,And Walked Downstairs,Where His फ्रेंड्स Had A Suprise For Him.

Ed And Edd:Happy Birthday,Eddy!


Edd:Ed And I Both Worked On A Present For आप That I Think You'll Find Appealing.

Edd And Ed Led Eddy Outside,And On The Lawn Was A Steel Blue Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.Edd Made It To Be Smaller,Just Eddy's Size.

Eddy:COOL!!! Thanks,Guys!

Edd Gave Eddy A Black Helmet,With The Word,"EDDY"Spelled...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Edd Called Up Rita.Rita Answered.

Rita:Rita's Room.Rita Speaking.

Edd:Hi,Rita! It's Edd.


Edd:Come Down To The Theatre And Meet Me There! They're Holding Auditions For Romeo And Juliet!

Rita:Oh,I Read The Book! I've Been DYING To Play Juliet!

Edd:And Me As Romeo! Let's Go!



The Two Hung Up,And Rita Ran To Meet Edd At The Theatere.

Edd:Rita,Perfect Timing! The Romeo Auditions Are Just About To Start!

Man:All Boys Auditioning For Romeo Line Up!

Edd Walked Up With The Other Boys.Among Them Was Kevin.



Man:Kevin,Please State The Lines Highlighted....
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Rita Was Walking To Edd's House.She Had A Big सवाल For Him.She Knocked On The Door,Edd Answered.


Rita:Edd,I Have A Big सवाल For You.

Edd:Okay,C'mon Up.

They Close The Door And Walk Up To Edd's Room.They Shut The Door,And Sit Down On The Bed.

Rita:Edd? I'm Visiting My घर Country For A Week.

Edd:Really? Where Were आप Born?


Edd:I Wondered Where आप Got That British Accent From.

Rita:Well...I Got Permission From My Parents,And...Would आप Like To Come With Me?

Edd:(Looking Suprised)Sure! I'd प्यार To Visit Liverpool!

Rita:Great! And Guess What? Ed And Eddy Are Coming...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
"Dear Diary..." Leela Diane Kanker Began As She Wrote The First Page In Her Brand New Diary.

"My Name Is Lee Kanker.I Am 13 Years Old,And I Have A Wonderful Boyfriend Named Eddy Hamilton.Yet We Weren't Always Lovers...Or So People THOUGHT..."She Sighed,Chewed On The End Of Her Pen,And Continued To Write.

"Eddy And I Were प्रेमी Behind Our Friends' Backs.I've Always Wanted To Tell Somebody,And आप Are The Perfect Outlet For Me.Our Story Begins At My Trailer.My Sisters And I Find The Eds Stranded Out In The Woods,Covered In Filth.They Had Fainted,And I Don't Know Why They Got So Worked Up About...
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