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chop and change
I wrote this song after पढ़ना Eclipse. Stephenie Meyer's compelling लेखन made the struggle that exists in both Bella's दिल and mind very real for me. We hope all of आप like it. -Salinity Sail © 2009 Salinity Sail. All Rights Reserved.
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Bella stared at me with disbelief. I ignored her. I'm trying my best to please her father. There was already enough tension for all of us. I wasn't surprised when it worked.
"Fine." he mumbled and moved towards the living room.

I'm not even sure I should let Bella go out with him again. But how can I fight with that? UGH!

When the TV was on, Bella started to talk.
"Hold on, I think आप can reycle आप essays for this one. Same questions." I कहा while moving the first application, to Dartmouth, towards her.
She sighed and started to fill in the appplication.
Charlie must be listening....
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Bella opened the door, with a smile on her face. She stared at me, full of wonder, as if I was the prize and she was the winner. In my point of view, it was the other way around. I couldn't ask anyone else for someone so perfect. She reached for my hand, and I didn't refuse.
"Hey." she कहा with a smile.
I brushed her cheek with our interlaced fingers.
"How was your afternoon?"
"For me as well."
The outside world had nothing that I was interested in, unless I was with my Bella.
I pulled her wrist up to my face, gently without hurting her. My eyes closed at her warm skin, and smiled without...
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Chapter 12: Newborn

“The same thing that happened to your hand,” Jasper explained. “Repeated a thousand times.” He laughed bitterly. “Our venom is the only thing that leaves a scar.”

“Why?” Bella asked, horrified.

“I didn’t have quite the same…upbringing as my adopted siblings here. My beginning was something else entirely.” Bella stared at him, but didn’t say continue right away.

Images flashed through Jasper’s mind as he determined where to begin his tale. Being able to read minds, listening to Jasper’s story was slightly different for me than it was for the others....
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I'm trying to catch up on writing. I apologize and I thank those who are being patient with me :)

Chapter 17: Instruction

Bella was predictably silent for the rest of the night. Alice confirmed that she knew everything, and had been there for the conversation with the wolves. I knew she was लॉस्ट in her thoughts, and I didn’t want to push her to talk before she was ready. Although I was anxious as to what her reaction was going to be.

We had come up with a plan of sorts in the meantime. We would get the newborns to विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up, making it even easier on ourselves to take care of them. The finer details...
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Chapter 10: Legends

After speeding away from the La Push boundary line, I drove aimlessly for a few minutes, not knowing where to go. I didn’t feel like going home, as I would end up staring at the clock impatiently, and would certainly end up making everybody else anxious, particularly Jasper. I thought about waiting at Bella’s house, but quickly decided against it. I was already crazy with worry, and being surrounded द्वारा her scent wouldn’t make things easier on me. Besides, Esme was watching the हंस house tonight, looking after Charlie, and I knew how worried her thoughts would be if...
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Chapter 13: Declaration

We returned to school the अगला day, trying to keep life as normal as possible for Bella’s sake. We had decided to give ourselves a week to prepare to fight against the newborn army. Jasper was planning a few training sessions for us before then, and we were actually looking आगे to them. The और prepared we were, the better chance we would have of coming out of Seattle unscathed. And we needed to be confident in our abilities to be triumphant.

We were in the cafeteria when Alice made the announcement to Bella that her graduation party was still going to happen.

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As Bella swung the door open, her face was full of excitement. She slowly skimmed my face over, looking and remembering each part, engraving it into her mind. First my jaw, then my lips, as she looked at my lips, I so badly wanted to किस her. With Charlie standing there I decided not to, it made me smile to think how Bella would react in front of Charlie.

She moved along to my cheek bones, my forehead, and then my eyes. As she focused her gaze upon my eyes, I heard her breathing hitch. Her दिल started pounding, I reminded myself. Try not to dazzle her, which she never noticed that she dazzled...
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