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 Monarch तितली
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In the Earth Lover's Guide I mention a few of the thing we talk about जानवर being one of them. A big specific being ducks. Who dosn't like ducks? या cute little ducklings with their poofy,fluffy little feathers. I प्यार ducks SO much. Along with cows, cats, hippos, and MANY other animals.Ducks are birds (I प्यार birds) and enjoy water (I प्यार water.) So be very prepared to see pictures of ducks, लिंक्स to बत्तख, बतख sites ect...But really, ducks are my प्रिय जानवर so be prepared.I have had a experince with a mother बत्तख, बतख and eggs (that eventually hatched. But anyways, in my front yard(even though we live nowhere near water) a mother बत्तख, बतख nested in a झाड़ी, बुश in my front yard. I will add some pictures of the mother बत्तख, बतख to Earth Lover's तस्वीरें eventually.May आप have an experince as close-up as mine.
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