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 Courtney meets Twilight Sparkle!
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I know, it's SO out of topic! But it contains Courtney, right?
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This डंकन और कोर्ट्नी प्रशंसक कला might contain छत्र, चंदवा, पारासोल, and सनशाइड.

posted by ROCKCHIC179
AN; Been awhile yes, I will be continuing Start over soon, just have slight writers blocks.

Courtney's POV

I really wished we could have relaxed in my pool house at home, we can't because my parents (damn them) are having another boring party where they (mama) are probably gonna try set me up with some 'nice handsome young man' a son of one of the many of my parents dull and snooby friends.

I hate it when they do that, I'm freaking 16 years old, not 30 desperately trying to find a husband.

Anyway, back to my problem, it's the hottest दिन of the साल me and my फ्रेंड्स have absolutely no way to...
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posted by Isabella121797
Chris's POV:
"We are back and filming ever minute. What will happen next? Lets find out."

Camera cuts.

"Make up! I need makeup and camera man follow them."

Courtney's POV:
I am running down the back of the school.
Getting over how mad I am, I get engulfed with sadness.
I hear Sierra and Bridgette running after me.
I follow the concrete path that leads to the park.
My heel twists and I fall.
I brace the fall with my hands they get all scratched up.
They start to bleed and I stand up leaving bloody hand prints.

The girls catch up and try to calm me down.
I just cry harder.
Not because of my wounds या Duncan....
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Duncan´s Pov
As we walked trough the crwod i couldnt help but started looking for Gwen... These last days i had been seeing her face everywhere i looked at, but then, during all this shit of the assassins, Courtney´s face was there too... It was weird but i liked holding her hand.
A glimpse of color caught my attention... It was metal blue.
I walked there with Courtney behind me, but when we arrived where i thought i had seen it, it was gone. Courtney and i sat down in the bar and took some drinks.
I noticed the expression on her face... It was too curius.

Courtney´s Pov
As ive aready said, i...
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Duncan POV
We were in the Caribbean, because after what he had spent in Hawaii and put our lives at risk, Chris us recompenso with a stay there and Geoof had organized a party.
His girlfriend Bridgette, was surfing in the huge waves and each both came and spent quality time with my friend, who entertained is doing the party DJ.
Heatder was upset because he had लॉस्ट his million because of Ezekiel, who had taken him to a rehabilitation center. Alexander, also known as "spaz" was getting used to his new robot body and suffered because the girls आप were afraid.
Sierra and Cody, began to meet each...
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I was in a complete state of shock i dint know whether to scream in exciment या cry my eyes out he tilted his head "What's wrong." i frowned "Duncan I-." he cut me off "There's someone else is there but u didn't have the दिल to tell me right!i just come out of nowhere and want u back and i screw up again well this is perfect!" he stood up and punched the दीवार "Duncan it's not that it's-" "i'm sorry i put u in this area Court i don't deserve u!"i could feel my tears fall down to my cheeks they were hot i started to sob "Duncan आप don't understand I-" he cut me off "Save it Courtney i know...
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Duncan`s Pov
I woke up in the same empty room where i have been living for the last 3 days. My personal guard was that annoyinf brunnette named Courtney, which meant that i had been completely alone.
For the last three days, i hadnt say a word because the only thing she कहा was "Shut up"... All i had been doing was sleeping and eating, oh and starring at Courtney`s living statue, but the fourthe morning there was a change in my new and boring routine.

This Courtney, came with a happy face and almost running which was rare in her "Miss Independent" attitude. She had something little but noisy...
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posted by dxcfan
She looked at Duncan, and gasped. He looked at her puzzled. He got up and walked past her, and shook his head astonished. "Freak." He gestured, and walked off while the घंटी, बेल rang, leaving Courtney curled up on the floor.

Courtney started to get up, receiving some criticizing and insulting looks. She grabbed her bag, that fell from her hand during her little dramatic scene. She sank further into her jacket, and slowly approached her first class, trying to leave behind all the drama.

Attempt failed.


It was about the middle of school, and it was lunch time. Courtney's first four classes went...
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posted by Isabella121797
Author's Note:
Hey guys. I would प्यार some feedback. Give me your ideas and honest opinions on couples, प्यार triangles, and ideas.
I प्यार आप dedicated fans!

Gwen's POV:
I just reached a whole new level of creepy.
I think as I listen to them under the bleachers.
Suddenly I hear shuffling behind me.
I turn and see Chris and Chef with a video camera.
My eyes widen.

"Did आप just video tape that?" I whisper.

"Sure did." He says grinning before running off.

I try and catch up but I can't.
I sigh and walk to the park.
I sit at a bench and think for awhile.

Duncan's POV:
I was working out at the gym across from...
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After they took Gwen to the big house i sat down while Destiny checked the cut on my cheek i smiled that justice was solved in a way that made Duncan even और crazy about me when she put the bandage on it she packed up the first aid kit "There now no और horse play." i smiled Duncan walked up to me and kissed my bandaged cheek "There does it feel better." i smiled "Yes." Destiny half smiled her romance had made a bad turn she was happy for me but i found it better to do without the gushy प्यार stuff when she's around until she meets the so called "one." like i had i knew Duncan was here to...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:"Try asking for my number."I कहा as everyone oohed."I just might."Duncan कहा walking closer."I dare you."I कहा in return coming so close to him.I could smell his Axe colonge.It was Kilo scented.It smelled so good."Okay y'all,if this is gonna get intense,then y'all gotta take it out to the parkin' lot."the DJ said."My pleasure."I कहा walking toward the door.Duncan followed me outside and pinned me against the brick wall."You got guts kid.Stading up to me like that."Duncan said."That was nothing."I said."So what's your name?"he asked."If आप want to know so badly,it's Courtney."I...
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posted by Isabella121797
 A cute picture of Trent and Courtney...
A cute picture of Trent and Courtney...
Bridgette's POV:
I कहा goodbye to Courtney and started home.
I knew Courtney still liked Duncan, even if it took her some time to realize it.
Trent on the other hand just might make her happy again.
I hope she picks which ever one makes her happy.
I ponder this और as I continue walking.

Courtney's POV:
I watch her walk away before I sit down on the bleachers.
I खोजिए practically my soul.

Do I really still प्यार Duncan?
Do I like Trent?
Am I just trying to cover up how hurt I still am?
Why is this so confusing.

Suddenly I hear गिटार and singing.
I turn and see Trent.
He is coming towards me.
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posted by reyfan01
"Duncan आप aren't thinking straight! आप cheated on this girl years पूर्व and got with her best friend, why would she still want you?!"nIKKI screaming into the phone to knock some sense into her stubborn cousin. Duncan was calling room service while she was talking and ordered the sweet प्रेमी special, a meal with complimentary candlelights and a plate large enough to eat on the bed.

"Duncan are आप even listening to me?"Nikki screamed. "Yeah yeah sure sure, हे if आप were Court would आप want the leg या the breast of the chicken?"DUncan asked. Nikki groans on the other line and falls back onto...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:"Bridgette!Are आप ready yet?!"I called from downstairs."I can't find anything to wear!"she replied."You have tons of clothes!Pick an outfit and let's go!"I said.Bridgette and I are going to this club I heard about.It's a dance club.I opened the front door then closed it and watched as Bridgette slid down teh rail of the stairs and hit the floor with her sneakers."Took ya long enough."I said."WhaterevLet's go."Bridgette said.We walked out the door and got into the car and drove off.We came up to a big door with a bunch of graffti on it."Is this the place?"Bridgette asked."Yup."I...
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posted by Isabella121797
Last part I did not copy off of Glee. I just thought the message was the same.

Bridgette's POV:
All the sudden I hear a glass drop.
I look and see it was Gwen's.
She is staring at my sliding glass door...oh my...is that?
I turn my head to Duncan.
His face just turns from shocked to pissed.
I give Geoff and DJ, a आप better hold him back look.
Before I run and try to calm Duncan down.

Gwen'S POV:
I couldn't हटाइए a muscle, like I was paralized.
I guess I deserve it.
After I got over that I walk to a सोफ़ा, सोफे and sit.
I stare at the floor.
LeShawna comes over and pats my back.

Duncan's POV:
That freak...
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posted by Isabella121797
Courtneys POV:

I was already crying when my फ्रेंड्स came in.
Why did he mess wtih my feelings so much!
My head was in my hands, as tears feel threw the spaces in my fingers.
I jumped off the counter and started to look at my red face.

The girls started to hug me and cheer me up.
I knew I had to be strong.
I was a CIT.
I wait till my face wasnt red and I walked out with my head held high.
All of us girls had our lockers on one side of the hallway and the guys on the other.
The last on the guys side was Duncans.
Mines was the first, and out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking at me.
I quickly...
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posted by Isabella121797
Courtneys P.O.V

The girls left with there dresses. I went back to Bridgette's where the party was at.
We went upstairs and changed. I did my makeup and waited till everyone got here. Bridgette went and prepped. If I am good at one thing its making a enterance. Bridgette texts me that everyone is there and I walk out.

I walk down her spiral staircase. Everyone stops and watches. The girls even looked shocked. I see Bridgette and she is smiling. Then I see Duncan who once again is staring. I reach the bottom and everyone starts talking again. I walk into the रसोई, रसोईघर to get something to drink.

I see...
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Courtney´s Pov
After seeing the message, i walked again into the house, the living room, and then took Bridgette द्वारा the arm. I told her that she had to leave her home, that it was necessary and for safety.
I waited for her at the backdoor. My uncle had हटाइए my car so that i could get Bridgette outta that hell her house was now quickly.
I was wondering why some persons become assassins, when, suddenly, i heard a noise coming from beneath the trees that the backyard had. I tried to stay calm and i concentrated in the noise. It seemed to be steps. I was getting nervous... No one was supposed to...
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Duncan stopped i was becoming real impatient so he started over again "Court i've been thinking and since your my best friend i thought आप should be the first to know that i'm callin off the wedding." i couldn't figure out if i was happy या excited but for his sake i had to act sympathetic "well that sucks what for?" hoping it had something to do with me "Well that's another reason i came to talk to आप for the last few months i've been having flashbacks of old times between आप and me and i...want...you....back."he कहा slowly i was in complete shock i wanted him to pick me up into his arms...
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When I woke up Destiny had stuck a sticky note on my forehead it read
Dear Court,I"m going out of town for all this week left आप some money for stuff on the dresser will call आप later प्यार ya Destiny<3
i sighed i was going to be alone all this week i frowned i slumped over to the fridge to find something to eat ther was absouloutly nothing i groaned i heard my phone ring not bothering to look at the caller ID i picked up "Hello." i कहा dully "Courtney आप picked up!" i heard the voice say "Who's this?" "It's Duncan." my emotions turned completley upside down "Oh hi how are you?" i could...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Chapter 3: Wow
     Me and Destiny were walking back to the house when I looked up at the stars funny thing about these stars they grew brighter every time I saw them Duncan had a soft spot for stars Destiny waited on me she knew how much the stars meant to me I stared up and whispered real soft “Duncan.”
    Me and Duncan walked to his house when we got there I sat on the सोफ़ा, सोफे he handed me a Carmello (candy bar) he hopped over the सोफ़ा, सोफे and took the DVD remote form off the coffee तालिका, टेबल he knew me so well he picked out my all time प्रिय movie The...
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