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 OCS Unusual Nightmare
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This डंकन और कोर्ट्नी प्रशंसक कला contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

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Chapter 10: Satisfying

Courtney moaned slowly as she rolled her hips again. She loved being on top, she felt her clit being better stimulated and she loved being in control of each movement and thrust. It was also wonderful seeing how much joy Duncan was in and how hard he was fighting to let her be in control when all he wanted to do was thrust into her harder and faster, but Courtney was going to make sure she took things slow this time.

She lifted her hips again feeling the length of him हटाइए out of her before setting herself fully on चोटी, शीर्ष of Duncan again. Duncan went breathless and...
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Rated M

Chapter 7: Melting

Courtney woke up feeling numb to the bone. Her muscles felt like जेली while her legs and vulva felt sore. Duncan had her back firmly pressed against his chest with one hand resting on her breast. She felt so warm and heavenly being held in his arms, she couldn't even believe she was here. She was sure this had to be some kind of crazy dream, how could it get any better?

"Morning sunshine."

Courtney automatically smiled as she moved against him lovingly. She could only hum in response too tired to use her voice. Duncan buried his face in her hair and softly rubbed the...
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Courtney's POV:

I'm so tired of crying and being sad over someone who doesn't care about me so I started to smile started to smile again of course the pain is still there but Duncan had moved on and I should too
That दिन when I woke up I put on makeup and I put on my old jeans and I did my hair and for once in a really long time I look good
When I got to school there was no और weird looks and Whispers instead there were smiles and waving
I started to go to school every दिन again and my grades were going up me and my फ्रेंड्स are hanging out again and I wasn't avoiding them anymore
My grades werent...
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Courtneys pov:
My whole bodie was in pain, everything hurt and I couldn't move. I
continued to lay their with my eyes closed, my दिल was
pounding. I slowly started to open my eyes, to an unfamiliar
hospital room. I wanted to get up and leave, but I couldn't find my
strength. And that's when the doctor came into the room.

"I see your a wake, we have already contacted your mom and she's on her way." My दिल felt like it was gonna explode out of
my chest. "There are a couple of people who would like to see you, I could tell them it isn't the Time if that's what आप want" my
mouth was so drie but...
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posted by 1701dxc
Courtneys pov:
Sometimes I think of my mom and how she hasn't called. It's
Been about a महीना and a half since I left. Deep down I always
Knew this would happen. Ryan hasn't talked to since that दिन on the bedroom. Gwen told me right to my face she hated me,
Briggette is pregnant with geoff's baby, I'm the only one who
knows she thinks Geoff's gonna leave her once he finds out. I
told her he wouldn't to give her hope, but in all reality I think he
will. Me and ducal have......well....gotten closer? I've been staying
with briggette helping her out and what not. She doesn't want
to get an abortion...
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Duncan's pov:
When courtney came out of the bathroom she looked like she had seen a ghost, then I relized her and Ryan were looking at each other. Of course just my look all I wanted was to bang some hot new girl and it turns out she knew my best friend. I got up grabbed Courtneys wrist and leading her to my car.

"What the hell" She कहा clearly not understanding what's happening but in all truth I didn't either
"Where do live? I'll take आप home." She got really quite almost as if she didn't know the answer, but she still got in the car. "Well...." I कहा with annoyance.

Courtneys pov:
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my pov:sorry the first part wasn't that long and this one will be be
Longer I hope anyway enjoy.

Courtneys pov:
"You new here...." some girl कहा snapping me back to reality.
"Yeah, could आप help me with my schedule???" I कहा trying to
Sound layed back."sure...." the girl I was talking to had long
Blonde hair, and gave आप the impression she didn't care.

Oh yeah did I forget to mention I've found all my human emotions
Through drugs, alcohol, and harming myself. I always try to keep
To myself afraid I'll get hurt द्वारा some else besides myself.

"Looks like we have 1st together, so just follow me....
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My pov:
Hi I'm new at fanpop, but I hope आप enjoy my story. (If anyone
Reads this)

Courtneys pov:
Just because I'm telling आप this story doesn't mean I'm alive at
the end of it.......

New school again....me and my mom have always moved around
Alot. I don't think I look like my mom, I'm 5'3 brown hair a little
past my shoulders with my tips died blonde. I've always been told
I have the perfect body type.....whatever. me and my mom live in a small apartment building for now. My mom would rather shoot
Up then have खाना to eat. So me and my mom हटाइए around Alot
surviving off of any guy that pays attention to her, then she gets
bored and moves on.

"You new here...." some girl says snapping me back to reality
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This is amazing I own nothing
So sweet XD
season 1
posted by crystalpotato
Courtneys POV

I woke up in a two story house. I hoped that mr. Wence's invention worked. I got up and scrambled to a mirror. My hair was still the same and my face was recognizable but I was wayyyyyy taller than I used to be. My body was cury. And my hair was held up in a टट्टू tail. Even though I woke up in a house the house had very little furniture. And I was wondering one thing. Were is Duncan.

Duncan: Courtney were are you?

Courtney: I'm down here!

Duncan: come up here!

So I walked upstairs. When I found Duncan sitting in a room. The room had a little screen in it. On the screen was mr Wence....
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(hey guys this is my very last DxCxG Greek Myth version story and thanks to आप guys who write the best comments:D)

As duncan ran to first class he saw courtney in the messhall getting some spehgetti for dinner. SHe looked very pissed.

"hey courtney," duncan said. " go away," courtney said. " what did i do," duncan asked. courtney just punched him straight in the eye.

"what the hell courtney," duncan कहा and held his eye. " आप cheating jerk how could you~!!!"courtney screamed " look courtney im sorry i kissed gwen, but i realize i प्यार you," duncan said. " oh duncan i प्यार आप too" courtney...
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 I just edited thee pic ok i own nothing in this ff
I just edited thee pic ok i own nothing in this ff
I walked into the store and he was staring into my eyes. It was fate. "Duncan!" I shouted, though he didn't hear me, he rolled his eyes.I could barely recognize him without his mohawk. He muttered "pas un autre प्रशंसक obsédé." (not another obsessed fan) I put my hand on my hip, held the other out and कहा "me manquer?" (miss me?) He scowled and turned, then he smiled and exclaimed "princess!" I sauntered over and कहा "I wished आप wouldn't calling me that." He turn away and कहा "I thought a blond wig would be the perfect disguise." "From what?" I giggled. "groupies and आप Court."
I gasped.
posted by sugarsweet076
At school that monday i confronted princess.



She still had her hair in the face.She still looked smoking hot.I tryed controlling myself so i could talk to her.

"Whay did आप steal a car?"

"Cause i could and i was trying to get the attenion of someone" She कहा as she looked at some dude with jeans and a jean जैकेट on."He only likes bad girls...so if he heard that i went to juvie maybe he'll notice me"

"HIM?! you'r doing this because of him"

"Yea why you're not jealous are you" she कहा as she got her पुस्तकें out of locker.

"Me jealous?"

"Yea आप jealous..."

He started to walk over to...
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that night Courtney POV
when Duncan finlly fell asleep i just lade there. i was thinking about what mt mom कहा about me getting Pregnant if i wen out with Duncan. Duncan had a sweeet side to him. like when we were on the island with D.J. bunny. i wounder if Duncan would really do that to me या not. my mom is rong about him. then i fell asleep

the अगला morning Duncan POV
when i woch up Courtney was still sleeping so i let her. then i hered my mom

Duncan honey im घर कहा Duncans mom

oh coming कहा Duncan

when i came down my momwas still in her uniform. she and my dad are copes

wow your up erly...
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"Princess, is it your time of the महीना या something?" he smirked.

"How dare you! आप don't even know what I've been through this past week, so just leave it" I practically screamed.

My father burst out of Officer Steeles' office and saw me crying.

"Sweetheart, calm down, tell me what's wrong" he tried to calm me down.

"Ask. Him!" I seethed, pointing to the punk who'd pissed me off.

"What did आप say to my daughter?!" my father bellow.

"Duncan, come with me" Julie, his mother, dragged him through to Officer Steeles' office द्वारा his ear and slammed the door beind them.

I then heard some shouting but...
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This one is for dXcFan14, because she's such a good writer and she has commentd all my article's so far.

Duncan's POV

Seriously, i relly could't move! It was like my legs told me not to move. I standed there for hours, and it began to rain,

"Damn!" i कहा to myself.

Then some kinda TV crew came up to me.

"We relly need some news now!" the lady with the microphone कहा to the camera crew.

Then she looked in my way.

"Hey is it O.K if we take some recordings with you, and put it on TV?" She said. "I mean, it's nt every दिन somone sit on a sidewalk, you...
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