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This डंकन और कोर्ट्नी प्रशंसक कला contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

posted by Courtneyfan6
 New parents!
New parents!
(Cut back to the party, Owen and Izzy is already cugged down some party food)
Owen: Whoo-hoo! (laughs) Awesome party, right, Iz?
Izzy: Totally, baby! (puts a brownie in Owen's mouth)
Owen: Mmm, brownies!
(Bridgette, Geoff, DJ and Duncan came over)
Bridgette: Guys, have आप seen Courtney?
Owen: We just saw her walking to another room.
Bridgette: She was अभिनय weird like everything's okay and all that.
Geoff: Come on, Bridge, how bad can it be?
Courtney: AAAAHHHH!!!
DJ: That bad!
(Courtney was still in the other room, laying down on the couch, holding her stomach as she groaned in pain)
Courtney: (groans)...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(It all started after The Total Drama Series ended. Owen and Izzy, Harold and LeShawna got back together, Geoff plans to propose to Bridgette on a special day, Duncan broked up with Gwen when she was cheating on him with Trent but decided to stay फ्रेंड्स with her, Trent and Gwen got back together and Courtney decided that she wanted to change. She ended her friendship with Alejandro after she knew he is lying, evil, spanish guy, and she started being और nicer, she studies for her law career, she and Duncan got back together with no problems. Later, they are going steady and they started making...
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posted by crazy-yanu
Hola, estaba escuchando esta canción en radio y se me ocurrió que podría hacer un dxc… Además les debo una porque mi último capítulo de las aventuras de Duncan y sus hijos no me salió muy bien que digamos.
Espero que les guste y dejen reviews.
Pov de Duncan
Estábamos en el Caribe, ya que después de lo que había pasado en Hawai y de poner en riesgos nuestras vidas, Chris nos recompenso con una estadía allí y Geoof había organizado una fiesta.
Su novia Bridgette, estaba surfeando en las inmensas olas y cada tanto venia y pasaba tiempo de calidad con mi amigo, que se entretenía haciendo...
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posted by Lollipop97
Hiya folks! I know i normaly wait with the oneshots, until i'm done with my current story, but i was पढ़ना a story on fanfiction.net and it was great! So i decided to re- write it in DxC mode. I relly hope आप like it! The realstory was wrote द्वारा RadiantBeam, so all the credit to her!

Okay, well, let's start! Oh, just a sec! Make sure to have some handerchiefs, in first place it made me cry! Songfic about DxC, song used: Allysa Lies, द्वारा Jason Michael Caroll.

Okay, again, start.

Courtney frowned as she carefully pressed a Band-Aid to a fading bruise...
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Courtney se puso en medio de Lesawana y Hetder, y las separo. Courtney- dejen de pelearse por tonterías, actúen como adultas.
Lesawana-pero… ella dijo que mi ropa la compraba en baratas y que ella era más sexi que yo. En eso, Duncan se metió en la pelea. Duncan-en eso tiene razón. En ese momento, todos se dieron vuelta y fijaron sus ojos en Duncan y lo único que él pudo decir fue: Hola a todos, me extrañaron.
Luego se escucho un grito de terror en la habitación...
Harold-Duncan está de vuelta, mi vida se termino y salió corriendo de la allí hasta su habitación a esconderse debajo...
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MY pov.
Sorry it took long just school...man i hate it...anyways heres the 3rd chappie enjoy!

Courtney sat there watching the movie Vampier suck,even if she was a twilight प्रशंसक she still had a scens of humour.She look over on her right to find her cusion and her boyfriend makeing out...No srpruise.She look over on her left to see her cousions boyfriends best friend,duncan,.She scoffed at him,not only was he a pervert,but a criminel,she hated people like him she would never be couaght dead with him,Pluse she wasen't stupid,she was FAR from that,so she knew that all he wanted was to get in her pants,and...
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posted by मिलोरोक्स18
I gazed absentmindedly at the टेलीविज़न before me. I was currently on the couch, laying on Duncan’s lap while he was stroking my big bulge of a stomach. Normally I would have treasured this kind of moment but I was too distracted with a piece of information I had recently acquired.

Today I went in for an ultrasound, Duncan would have come, but he had to work. I found out with much shock that I would be having twins instead of one child. How were we going to handle two शिशु around the apartment? We cant raise two kids in an apartment. And how was I going to break it to Duncan?

I guess the...
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posted by मिलोरोक्स18
Courtney sat in her bedroom on हैलोवीन Eve, with her bowl of half devoured कैन्डी मक्का, मकई in her lap, purusing the internet for new sources of scary पढ़ना entertainment- a newly made tradition of hers. So far, she had read about suicides that led to ghosts in barns, war stories where the soldiers still walked the battlefield, and insane, escaped criminals who had become mass murderers.

The scariest one so far had been a story about a family who kept hearing footsteps in their रसोई, रसोईघर at night. When they asked the पूर्व owner about it, they had been shocked, as well as frightened, to find...
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posted by मिलोरोक्स18
Courtney sighed and shook her head, letting her dark hair spill over her shoulders. “No. No. No.”

The young man beside her smirked with undying confidence. “Yes.”


“Yes. The और आप deny it, the और I don’t believe you.”

She frowned with slight annoyance. “I don’t, okay? I don’t like you.”

Duncan looked down at her, disbelieving every word. “Right.”

Courtney rolled her eyes and quickened her pace as they traveled down the dark city sidewalk. “Can we not discuss this anymore? Let’s just get to Geoff’s as soon as possible and get this stupid party over with.”...
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posted by tdilovestories

Well it didnt take long for the secret to come out. A week after I found out I was going to be a father, HEather, पोस्टेड on the school website that courtney was pregnant and engaged. After that courtney started wearing her ring to school. She कहा she didnt 'care what everyone thinks about me. all i care about is what आप think about me!'.

She had to quite the cheersquad because the flippig could hurt the baby (and because the cheer coach yelled at her, कहा she was a discarse for the team, and to never दिखाना her face there again. Courtney just let her have it...... कहा some things...
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posted by मिलोरोक्स18
I ran out after that disaster. Mark better be glad he got revenge.

I could just STRANGLE him! I guess he got revenge. I am NEVER babysitting Mark again.

I passed the संगीत shop. They always played संगीत in the store. A lot of the time, I would go in there and listen to the संगीत while I was working on homework या studying.

Since I didn't want to go घर yet, I went in. The ending of the song 'All Around Me' द्वारा Flyleaf was playing. I liked that song. Then, after that, the song 'When You're Gone' द्वारा Avril Lavigne played. I loved that song. Once it came on, I realized how much it related to me....
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courtneys POV

i spent the holidays at duncan,and he asked if he can see my family.
"ok,"i told him,though,i wasnt sure my parents would like it.
we walked into the house. rang the bell.
"who is it?"called the voice of my father.
'its me,daddy,Courtney,"
"ok,"he said. he opened the door. but,he didnt say anything,he just stood there.
"hunny,whats going on?"asked my mom,who then was now standing in shock.
"whats going on?"asked samie,who i as not glad to see.
"samie?"i asked,inm sohck.
"hi,cousin!"she sadi"whatcha been up to?done anything with your boyfreind?"
"yes,and आप dont need to know exactly what...
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posted by tdilovestories
duncan's point of view:

"here's your towel and Ill be right outside the door.." i कहा as I hand courtney a towel and she closed the door.

"thanks honey.." she कहा throught the door.

"soooooo.. what do आप want to do today?" I asked

I heard the water turn on and the शावर, शॉवर door close, "Ummm.. well I was thinking we could go क्रिस्मस shopping... I mean my mom wouldnt have had time to रद्द करें my credit cards yet so... might as well take advantage of the situation.."
courtney was saying over the noise of the running water.

I smiled, "nasty little sceem princess.... I like it!"

"I thought आप would.."...
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posted by मिलोरोक्स18
Courtney’s POV


This wide, ecstatic smile breaks out on my lips as I open the door wide. I’m not sure if it’s sincere, it feels somewhat forced, but I ignore that. I mean, I am happy to see Josh. Overjoyed, in fact! Yeah, yeah…

“Hey, Courtney.” Josh says and pulls me into a hug. I return it uneasily, then remember how glad I am to see him—

Elated, actually! Entirely thrilled! Because he’s my boyfriend.

—and hug tighter.

When I pull away, I see that he’s wearing a crisp button-down कमीज, शर्ट and his hair has been gelled aptly. He looks…


“You must be Josh.” My...
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posted by tdilovestories
this picks up were tdilovestory2a stoped off.

in courtney's point of view:

"Guys!!!!!!" Duncan was yelling at his brothers.

"Dude! Who is the hot chick?" asked one of duncan's brother's फ्रेंड्स asked walking up to Duncan's door (His brother's were standing their with a smirk on their face, staring at me)

"Get out!" shouted duncan, he was shifting his body infront of me so that they couldnt see me.

" Make me!" yelled one of his brothers. He was getting really mad, and I knew I had to calm him down, frankly I didnt really care.

"Duncan," I कहा moving out from behind him (still only wearing me...
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posted by MissDeathWish1
In The Morning

Courtney's P.O.V

I woke up in the same position i fell asleep in. Nuzzeled into Duncan's Chest. I liked this feeling so i just pretended i was sleeping and didn't move. From the time i awoke Duncan was playing with my hair and still is.
"I know your awake" he कहा calmly. His calmness tells me that he likes this too and hasnt been awake no और then ten मिनटों before i got up.
"How do आप know?" I asked making it pretty clear that im still tired.
"Because आप talking" He कहा confidently
"But-" I got cut off
"AH ah ah.. Ancient Chiense Sercret that i know ur awake." He said. I laughed...
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posted by gwentrentever
(at the hospital geting an ultrasound)
found the baby-doctor
aaaawwww its so cute-courtney
it looks kina like a squirl-duncan
a cute cute sqirl-duncan
well looks like the baby is healthy would आप like to know the gender-doctor
is it a girl-duncan
what was that-courtney
well courtney your not 4 months pregnant your 7 months-doctor
really!!!!*kisses duncan* the baby is coming faster then we thought-courtney
whoa hormones again-duncan
well courtney your baby is probably comming this महीना या अगला महीना most likly this month-doctor
yes!!!! *kisses duncan*-courtney
were all done...
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*phone rings*
"hello."said courtney sleepy."hey wats up?"said duncan very happy."oh is u duncan,look i going to talk to u later u know that if my mom wakes up and sees me talking to u she will kill me!luv ya!"said courtney hanging up."omg is so early why will duncan wake me up at 5:00am?'courtney asked her self.
*at bridgette's house*
"geoff get up!geoff!geoff!!!!!!!(bridgette slaps geoff)""wat was that for?"said geoff."courtney want me to go with her to the club.can u come with me?"asked bridgette."no!im too sleepy and duncan and I r going to watch the football game that tyler is playing tonight."said...
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