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This डंकन और कोर्ट्नी प्रशंसक कला contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

posted by मिलोरोक्स18
50 things आप must know about Duncan

By Courtney

So as आप know, apparently I am meant to be head over heels with Duncan.......I’m not!

I made a सूची for all आप poor people who will have to interact with him in the future.

1. Duncan is that teen with the green Mohawk, lots of facial piercings, red converse, skull shirt.....and the hot body (actually, erase that from your memories! I did not say that about him!)

2. Nicknames for him include

a) The delinquent

b) Danger boy

c) Vandal

d) Criminal

e) Juvenile

f) Idiot

g) Neanderthal


i) ......Dunky (please note that was one time only......and several...
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posted by tdilovestories
Duncan's point of view:

as much as it killed me, I new courtney and the other girls would need a good घंटा या so to get read for the suprise. "Maybe आप ladies should go get ready" i कहा looking down at Courtney. She smiled up at me,and with a किस she hoped up away from me and ever so lightly skipped out of the room, Gwen and Bridgette fallowing her.

The rest of us got up and put on our tuxs.

we set out in the living room until they came out.

"PRINCESS!!" i gasped as she came out in her beautiful green gown, her hair in big lushes curls.

"I new आप would like it" she कहा with a smile and a gentile...
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posted by मिलोरोक्स18
Monday morning and back at school. Courtney was especially excited today because she couldn’t wait to see Heather!

Courtney, Duncan, Gwen and Leshawna waited at the front entrance to see their handy work. As usual Heather pulled up in her expensive car and came out wearing a very bad wig and had little red ant bites all over her skin.

They all cracked up laughing as well as everyone else arriving. Heather just scowled and stormed over to Courtney who only smiled deviously at her.

“I hope this is still funny after I tell everyone about your little night with me and Lindsey,” she threatened....
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posted by tdilovestories
this picks up were tdilovestory2a stoped off.

in courtney's point of view:

"Guys!!!!!!" Duncan was yelling at his brothers.

"Dude! Who is the hot chick?" asked one of duncan's brother's फ्रेंड्स asked walking up to Duncan's door (His brother's were standing their with a smirk on their face, staring at me)

"Get out!" shouted duncan, he was shifting his body infront of me so that they couldnt see me.

" Make me!" yelled one of his brothers. He was getting really mad, and I knew I had to calm him down, frankly I didnt really care.

"Duncan," I कहा moving out from behind him (still only wearing me...
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posted by मिलोरोक्स18
Courtney’s POV

“Up या down?” Tara asks, playing around with my hair.

“Um, down. With a couple strands pulled back.” Becky suggests.

“Should we tease it?”

“No. Court’s hair looks terrible when teased. Remember the fall dance?”

“Oh yeah. That was disastrous!”

I sigh and fall back on Becky’s bed. If I thought that my फ्रेंड्स would stop the first-date image consulting with the outfit, I was wrong. They had already figured out which nail polish went best with my outfit, and whether to shape my nails round या square. Navy blue and round.

“This is going to take a while. Seeing...
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Courtneys pov:
i sat in the corner of the hallway hugging my legs. Jake punched me in my arm a couple of times because I wouldn't stop crying. Jake eventually went to the bar with his friends. And I sat their for what felt like forever.

Rrr.......Rrr......Rrr "hello?" I कहा in a raspy voice. It wasn't that hard to tell that I was crying. "Um......courtney are आप ok?"I just couldn't barakate myself anymore, I flat out told him what happened and then felt like an idiot for telling him. "I'm sorry, I don't know what to say" then I started crying AGAIN I'm so fucking pathetic. "I'll be there to...
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