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It's the night of the dance .

Courtney: look Trent I like आप n stuff but...

Trent: I know, you're not Into me anymore.

He started to stare at Gwen.

Courtney: go talk to her.

Trent: I don't know if I...

Courtney: I know आप like her. I also know she likes you.

Trent: thanks court.

I watch him walk over to her. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Duncan: हे princess.

Courtney: what do आप want.

Duncan: before आप kill me can I say that I'm sorry. Look I like आप Alot. And I can't stop thinking about you. Plus my sister misses her "BFF". Forgive me?

Courtney: fine. But not for आप for my best friend.

Duncan: do आप want to dance?

Courtney: well...

Duncan: u know आप want to.... Princess.

Courtney: come here आप dumb... Dummy head.

Sorry if the ending was corny but hey! I have four other series to work on. Any way  u and thanks for पढ़ना my stories.
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Duncan's pov.

When I came back from Kates house Courtney did what she did the दिन before. Feed me put on something hot and then we'd... Well आप know. Somedays it was normal just kissing. And others she was rough and spontaneous. Man I प्यार that woman. She was just in the middle of giving me my third hickie this week when she said...

Courtney: Duncan. Do आप प्यार me?

Duncan: of course I do और than anything.

Courtney: would आप ever LIE to me?

I froze. The way she कहा lie. It was like she knew what I'd been doing the past month. Besides her.

Duncan: what do आप mean exactly?

Courtney: oh आप know...
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I started to run.I didnt want to be here anymore.Chris lied to me! I hate both of them! we were hear to teach the new teens to survuve this crampy place.She was here too. I know im going to end up in jail for murder if she trys to say one word to me.

My cell started to ring."Hello.....hey baby...........let me talk to him for a मिनट baby.....hey shes allowed to have cake.........ok but babe your not her real father and आप were only there for a साल shes 5......ok now we're in a fight look i have to go.....yea luvs आप too" I hate when he trys being my babys father! He wasnt even there he...
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posted by lolibarbie
Okay, as a lot of आप may know I am a freakin' PRANKSTER! Lol. आप may know this, आप may not it actually depends. Lol. Okay, so I was talking to one of my pranking buddies who like to prank people with me and I was like, "Man, I'm totally out of ideas for a story. ><" he said, "Well, आप like pranking so much, why don't आप just do that." So, ALL STORY IDEA CREDIT TO ANDREW [song लेखन dude]...EVEN THOUGH Y'ALL DON'T KNOW HIM AND NEVER WILL! <3 <3. Enjoy! OH btw, it's like my version of dxcfan's CyberLove..not to copy it but it will sound like her's...except mine will have PRANKS!...
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He was walking through Central Park when his phone started ringing. His ringtone was the chorus to Headstrong द्वारा Trapt. He pressed the green button on his phone and said, "Hello?"

"We need to talk." A female voice said.

"Who is this?"

"You know very well who I am Duncan."

"So, fine, meet me at Central Park in ten minutes."

"See आप there."

"Bye." He pressed the red button on his IPhone and sat on a bench. He looked at hte phone for a मिनट and started looking through his apps. He found TapTap Revolution Revenge, so he played it. He selected one of the preset songs and started to play. HE लॉस्ट track...
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When Courtney comes to, she sees she is tied up to a chair in an abandoned warehouse.She looks to her left to see Duncan was also tied up and was still knocked out. She hopped her chair over to Duncan and kicked him. Duncan woke up in a shock and winced in pain over his leg.

"Wake up princess! We're in a little situation right now and that means no time for napping!"Courtney yells. Duncan groans. "Talk about ironic."Duncan moans.

Courtney and Duncan hear footsteps and they are coming toward them. A man with brown hair and a leather जैकेट was walking with two thugs behind him. He wore black sunglasses...
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posted by dxcfan
I finally arrived in Bordeaux-a major city in France-one of my butlers(Dave) helped me out of the boat. He grabbed my bags and gave them to me. I looked up and took a deep breath and started to walk towards my limo. The reason why my family is so rich is because my mother is a therapist, and my farther works to jobs , and had to हटाइए to France. I know a little french, but not that much.

When I got to my house, my mother and my farther where already there to greet me. I got out the car, and quickly gave my parents hugs."Oh Courtney, we missed you!"My mother said.

I looked at her and smiled."I...
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posted by Lollipop97
Duncans POV.

Why did Geoff invite HER? I mean, she's mean, she likes to ruin other peoples life, but on the other side she IS hot. "What are आप dong here with HER!?" Heather yelled at me. " I was just talking too. . uuuhm. . . Courtney!" I said. "WHY?" Because she saved my नितंब, गधा from those creepy guys thats talking over there" i कहा and pointed at the 3 idiots, who nearly beated my ass. " OKAY SO आप WANT TO HANG OUT WITH HER AND NOT ME? I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND, BUT आप DO'NT WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH ME? she कहा in her "you just have to give that, या then i'm gonna break up with you!" voice.
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