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Courtney was lying on the couch, her socked feet propped up. Duncan was sitting अगला to her feet, and Alex and Daniel were sleeping soundly on the loveseat.

"I'm gonna take them up." Courtney spoke up, her eyes leaving the टेलीविज़न screen in front of them.

"I got it." Duncan interrupted, as he pushed Courtney back down on the couch, and went to pick up Alex and Daniel from the chair.

Courtney raised a suspicious eyebrow as to why he was being so nice all of a sudden.

"Mhmm." was all Courtney could mutter before letting her eyes follow Duncan up the stairs with their kids. She couldn't help but...
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[Sorry I've been out guys I've been busy thinking of a good ending.This one may not be good but I hope it will be.]

It was the final night on the island everyone had together.Everyone was making the most of it.Bridgette and Geoff were on the beach.Tyler adn Lindsay were playing volleyball,Tretn adn Gwen were sitting द्वारा the dock talking,and everyone else was enjyoing their time.Meanwhile,Courtney is curious about Duncan 's surpise.But also if it was the right thing to do.So for one और time she went to the confessionals.

COurtney-Okay I'm so not sure about this.I mena this is the...
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posted by 8thGradeGenius
.:Rated T for language:.

* * *

Clop, clop, clop.

The loud, wet sounds of soaked sneakers flopping down on hard pavement echoed so loudly throughout the naked सड़क, स्ट्रीट that it nearly hurt my ears. I was the biggest asshole in the world right now; I had just broken a girl's heart, and badly in her opinion, and here I was just watching her run away from me. I had cared about her, and then the one दिन that people start making fun of us I decide to go all homicidal. They कहा we weren't a real thing, that she was just using me to make me look useful. But I know that all I am is a piece of...
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courtneys POV

i spent the holidays at duncan,and he asked if he can see my family.
"ok,"i told him,though,i wasnt sure my parents would like it.
we walked into the house. rang the bell.
"who is it?"called the voice of my father.
'its me,daddy,Courtney,"
"ok,"he said. he opened the door. but,he didnt say anything,he just stood there.
"hunny,whats going on?"asked my mom,who then was now standing in shock.
"whats going on?"asked samie,who i as not glad to see.
"samie?"i asked,inm sohck.
"hi,cousin!"she sadi"whatcha been up to?done anything with your boyfreind?"
"yes,and आप dont need to know exactly what...
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posted by 1701dxc
My pov: if आप guys don't mind just leaving a टिप्पणी दे telling me what आप think should happen अगला cuz I'm kind of running out of ideas Thanks

Courtneys pov:
Briggette went out of town for the weekend to visit her mom geoff decided he was going to take care of Briggette and the baby he's looking for a job and is moving in with briggette Duncan is letting me stay at his house for now Briggette कहा I could stay with her but let's be honest that baby and geoff are already going to be enough drama for her she doesn't need me and plus she could use the space

" you're throwing a party?" I कहा with...
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posted by 1701dxc
Courtneys pov:
i sat in the corner of the hallway hugging my legs. Jake punched me in my arm a couple of times because I wouldn't stop crying. Jake eventually went to the bar with his friends. And I sat their for what felt like forever.

Rrr.......Rrr......Rrr "hello?" I कहा in a raspy voice. It wasn't that hard to tell that I was crying. "Um......courtney are आप ok?"I just couldn't barakate myself anymore, I flat out told him what happened and then felt like an idiot for telling him. "I'm sorry, I don't know what to say" then I started crying AGAIN I'm so fucking pathetic. "I'll be there to...
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posted by SkaterGurl13
Courtney's POV: I packed the rest of the small things in my room into the last box. I closed the lid and looked around my room. It was empty except for the heavy furniture such as my dresser, desk, बिस्तर and TV set. "Courtney! Bring down the rest of your stuff! The movers are here!" my dad yelled from downstairs. We're moving again. This time, to New York. I'm only leaving one true friend behind so I won't have much to be sad about. I walked downstairs with the box as the bug mover men walked past me up to my room. Ever since my mom died, my dad can't seem to stay in one place for too long. I...
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IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan's pov

It was Justin, it's like he gets up in the mornings to make my life hell. Also, he thinks my name is towel boy. Anyway that's not the shocking part; with him was Courtney, Hot Courtney from last night. I am completely sure that she was not here yesterday, at least not on my shift. I would definitely have noticed that body walking around.
Okay, here she comes. Damn she's gorgeous.
"Hi,"she said, she looks up from her bag, "Oh, I know you, you're Duncan, right?" I sort of zoned out as I looked into her onyx eyes.
"Oh yeah,"I said, "Here's your...
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posted by dxcfan101
Duncan's p.o.v

Chris: In this challege आप will have to avoide been captured द्वारा the monster and-

Heather: आप could've just कहा that its the same challege as the first challege in total drama action.

Chris: Yah well I like to explain things no one will be voted off today, this is just a fun challege.

Justin: Really????

Chris: No last one standing wins its everyone for themelves today so everyone's up for the vote exect for who ever wins the challege.

Courtney: Easy.

Harlod: No its not, आप don't know what its like.

Courtney: If I can handle elephants, loins, tigers, snakes, crocadiles, camels, alpacas,...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
 What Courtney wants to do
What Courtney wants to do
When a Boy Meets a Girl Book:1
    “Gwen आप look amazing!” exclaimed Destiny my best friend she turned to me “Courtney what do आप think?” As much as I didn’t want to answer I did anyway “Great!” I tried to sound as enthusiastic, I continued to sewing Gwen’s dress.” Two और weeks till the wedding of Gwen and Duncan!!!” exclaimed LaShawna friend of Gwen and another person I could do without seeing it wasn’t what she कहा that really bothered me it was the way she कहा it that ticked me off. I sighed trying to concentrate on sewing for the millionth...
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Hiya people outthere infront of your computers! Little info before i start! Even thought it was yesterday, i dedicate this story to TDItwin because of her birthday yesterday! Okay, i know, not the best place to post this, so i'll just start now.

Oh, and ONE और sentence of info! Actualy pretty important one. . . Oh, well, as i कहा a couple of days ago, the end would be soon, and actualy, sooner than i realized, cuz THIS is the finale!
Hope आप guys like it!

9 months later. . . Wow, they went द्वारा fast!


The last 9 months went द्वारा fast. ....
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Duncan-ok maybe u hit ur head on somthing BCourtney-just shoot me with ur wand Duncan-ok he then shoots her Bridgette-u see Duncan-Bridgette how good u!! Bridgette-its not my fault its gwen and cody Duncan-so u guys can think u can mess with my feelings!! Bridgette-look just listen

well it was a simple peacful morning until Gwen-hey bridge we need u to do somthing Bridgette-what? Cody-we need u to turn into courtney and then tell duncan that ur a ghost that was killed from the sun Bridgette-no way im not messing with his feelings Gwen-but he needs to get over her shes just like those...
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posted by agtimm
Sorry i havnt updated this earlyer

*Courtneys POV*

"Hey Mommy! Kindergarten is going to be SO much fun!" The over-excited 5 साल old says. "I'm So glad that your excited." Her mother replys. "Lets Go! Lets go!!" The little Girl says. "Okay Courtney, Calm down, We'll be there in time!"

Courtneys mother starts the car and Courtney jumps into the backseat. "I cant wait!" Courtney says squeeling. Courtneys mom smiles as they drive out of their driveway.

About 10 मिनटों later they arive at the school. "Come on Mommy!" Courtney says while Unbuckleing. Courtney jumps out of the car and courtneys mom...
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posted by DanixxDumb
Biggest Fan: Part 1. 

  I still couldn't believe it. 
I  had first met Duncan while; I  was working in a small little भोजन करनेवाला, डिनर in New York. He had became a regular at the भोजन करनेवाला, डिनर and always wanted Myself—Or, princess, as he nicknamed me.— to assist him to his every need. 
 Of course. Myself, knowing the young Punk's antics; I  stood proud and dependant. I  wasn't going to let some Teal-eyed, Nothing but trouble, boy get in the way of earning money for college.
 Well, as seeing from the past. I  was pleased. She was with Duncan. The only man to ever truly प्यार her.. For.. Her. 
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posted by Fallintomyarms
"Court" Duncan carefully asked her. She wiped away her tears and shook her head.
"I don't wanna talk" She softly cried. He placed a hand on her shoulder, "It's okay" He whispered. She turned to him. Her normally soft tan face was pale; her normally onyx eyes were bloodshot and puffy. The two fourteen years old were silent. Moments later Duncan spoke, "Divorce is hard on everyone. I don't know my dad. And I turned out okay" The words may seem comforting to somebody who didn't know Duncan. He wasn't alright. His life was confusing and silly. He never could compete in a father son game. Parent...
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posted by Duncan_Courtney
A fanfiction-ish thing, kinda, of Courtney's feeling when finding out about the whole Gwuncan kiss. Just felt like लेखन it, because Courtney went through like 10 different emotions during that thing and I thought I'd be fun to get inside her head. (PS I DO NOT BLAME GWEN FOR ANYTHING IN THE SITUATION, I ACTUALLY BLAME DUNCAN, BUT COURTNEY BLAMES GWEN SO W.E)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
She had acted like this before, the concern in her voice matched the tone...
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posted by dxcfan
It is only true that this school sucked eggs. I hated and wanted to sew it for bad reputation and educational needs. I could only think how Olivia was treating Melody without my superior help to back her up.

Melody must be disgusted द्वारा me anyways about me going to this nasty and unfitted-for-my-well-being school. But the main part I disliked about what they call a school, is this punt-attic, green haired boy, following me like a लॉस्ट प्यार puppy. Not one मिनट was a left alone without him clinging to my side, which-or course-I ordered constantly to stay away, and even if I don't know him that...
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okay courtney is going to have a lonely saturday as so she thought but now not so much??

Courtney's point of view:

hm hm hm where are those stupid papers for math tomarrow gosh these stupid papers are always due on monday dammit f*** this i give up *ring ring* "damn आप stupid cellular device" ugh

"hello" i say "hi court" bridgette says all excited "yes bridgette what would आप like from me" i say annoyed because she only calls for me to go on those stupid dates with geoff and her and i get stuck all alone "i wonder if आप would like to go to six flags with me and geoff" shes says all worried...
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posted by TDItwin
 courtnyes fience martin
courtnyes fience martin
lulu pov

"ok i have something to tell you" courtney told me and sjs over a coffe "im getting married!"me and sjs just looked at each other excited
"to who?" i asked without thinking sjs then silently nuged me under the तालिका, टेबल
"its ok ill give आप thee hints " courtney कहा " hint one hes kind "
"that rules out justin" sjs whisperd to me she dosent like him and to be honset neather do i
" hes not musically talented" courtney spoke again
" that rules out trent" i whisperd to sjs "which means..." i whisperd to sjs could it be true were duncan and courtney really getting married sjs looked hopefull
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She looked at the test and she shook it hoping it was wrong, obviously she wouldn't want to have his baby i mean, he's DUNCAN and she's COURTNEY!

Yes they were made for eachother, but they didn't need this NOW. She saw the little plus sign and almost screamed, what she didn't know is that she did scream.

"What is up with आप Princess?"

"God, I do NOT need this right now!"

"What don't आप need!?"

"Sheezes and why here why now!?"

"Princess what the hell are आप talking about!?"

"This!" She showed him the pregnancy test with the little plus sign on it.



"You're saying this means...
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