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added by Becky3099
added by Becky3099
posted by countryboy16
I'm a 16 साल old in Ohio I प्यार hunting fishing and farming. The reason I'm लेखन this लेख is to see if I can reach the stars on बत्तख, बतख डिनेस्टी for a request. My grandfather is a big प्रशंसक of the दिखाना and he has been dyognosed with stage four cancer. He looks like si and tries using some of sis प्रिय sangs. Anyway I know it's not possible for him to meet anyone on the cast but I would प्यार if this लेख could be shared to perhaps make it possible. He's like my father and it would make him so happy to at least hear from one of the cast members. He taught me to hunt and he's been a huge part of my life please share I can't get any emails my names Bryce eutsler and if आप took time to read this thank you.
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