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Good Is Not the Enemy of Perfect: In Defense of Dreamworks Animation

Posted June 20th, 2012 द्वारा Scott Mendelson Rewritten द्वारा PeterMWou

As the initial reviews for Disney/Pixar's ब्रेव roll in (again, I'm waiting till opening दिन to take the kid), it's clear that the film is both pretty solid and somewhat disappointing considering the uber-high standards that पिक्सार has set for itself. I personally think it's almost dangerous to go into a पिक्सार film expecting each one to be as good as Up, but I digress. One of the running themes of कहा reviews is that the film is merely 'Dreamworks good'. If you...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Deliver Us
Deliver Us
I was very fortunate to see this film and here is my wonderful review on this biblical event film.

The Story

Unlike पूर्व adaptation of The Ten Commandment, the Prince of Egypt has और inspirational song and they are absolutely touching too, it teaches about sibling and being magnanimous.
It is also very sad that Rameses has turned against Moses after the latter petition the former to let the Jewish go, it was like they became sworn enemies at that point. It is consider one of my least favourite scene from the entire film.
The final scene was a very poignant and powerful, especially when...
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5.Joseph, King of Dreams(never saw it)
4.Sinbad, Legend of the Seven Seas(it was okay I guess, but the 3D was terrible)
3.Spirit(I remember liking this movie, but I hardly remember it)
2.The Road to El Dorado(I know this probably isn't the best movie that dreamworks made but I've watched it since I was 4 या something and its so funny, if आप expect to feel emotion during this movie, I wont get your hopes up its और of an adventure comedy like movie)
1.Prince of Eygpt(I just watched this film very recentley and it was really good, sometimes during this movie i want to bawl my eyes out and others times and get chills. The एनीमेशन is also good especially in the scene about god and the thing with the nile.)