Witch one Canada24's OC's has a sadder backstory?

Many years पूर्व (same साल Luna became nightmare moon) Ditto was Celestia's most trusted student, same role Twilight 'currently' has. It's obvious that Celestia cared very deeply for him, because she was extremely heartbroken when he blamed Celestia for the death of his family, and she was never able to explain herself..

HIs father was an abusive drunk who constantly cheated on his mother. And his mother never showed him much प्यार either.

Only one to care for him was his cousin/friend Derpy Hooves.

Due to his unhappy childhood,and unhappy attitude towards most of his life. Saten becomes known for having a very high temper and unpredictable nature..

What little infomation we know about Dash, is that she, like Packie, displays herself as strong and without feeling, to cover her inner sadness.

With her parents dead of currently unknown reasons, Dash was और या less homeless.
And the loss of her only sister only furthered Dash's depression..
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