हे people I know this is alot, but below are all my drawings I did in real life, I hope yall enjoy them. They were HAND DONE, द्वारा me. Umm basically im very excellent at drawing. I started drawing when I was like 12 या 13 and ever since then I been drawing. Kinda to start out my career I started drawing cartoon characters first becuase they were the easiest to draw. So then after I got good at drawing them, I moved onto realistic stages. So then basically the first Freddy Krueger picture u see, that was my first realistic drawing I ever did before I moved onto the others आप see below. Pretty much i been drawing for two years, and now that i've lots of practice and experience, I CAN NOW DRAW ANYTHING FROM REALISTIC, CARTOONIC, anything u ask of. I प्यार drawing, its an addiction to me. To me partly I प्यार draw HORROR related characters the most so that's pretty much of what ur seeing at the bottom. Umm some of आप may think that, I didn't draw these? But it's ok because I have proof आप can clearly the background of my floor in most of them so that's good enough proof. Pretty much if yall wana know why im soo good at drawing it's because.. I never give up and keep trying because most people don't have patience to draw like I do. And I learned that if आप really want something आप gotta want it. So that's what i did. So I pretty much took my time on all these, it took about a साल and a half TO DRAW ALL OF THESE, because I did them during the school year. So pretty much every दिन of my life I draw :) And like how I draw soo good? All I do is stare at a picture and just simply draw what I see that's how I do it. So like if yall got questions, concerns, ask me. ok? Enjoy!