Okay allow me to create a story for you.
One दिन आप are walking down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट द्वारा your self all the sudden, I come up to आप and say हे ------
come walk with me for a second, I got some thing to tell you. आप decided to follow me, after about 20 minuets of silence, आप ask me how I knew your name. I say to you, "When I come from everyone knows your name." आप see I came from the future, and I'm here to tell आप a story that may shock the socks off you. In 20 years from now आप ------- will create a image that will crown आप the best artist in the world and that image will become और Iconic then the Mona Lisa. And it will hang in the biggest art museam in the world.
Then five years after आप stand in front of your priceless art, giving a speach in front of thousands. When all the sudden the lights go out, after a few सेकंड्स they come back on and your creation is gone... Your lives work, your life it's gone, stolen! The news says it's the crime of the century and done in front of thousands! आप can't help crying for weeks, and decades pass with no sign of it anywere.
You, your work and that दिन go down in history, but never again did आप see your priceless work of art.

Tell me how did my story make आप feel? about being the best artist in the world and it gets stolen?
टिप्पणी दे and tell me.