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from shade23212 on YouTube this guy has a lot of good video
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In this climatic scene, the wizard Ulrich (Ralph Richardson) takes on the fire-breathing dragon Vermithrax with the help of his apprentice Galin (Peter MacNichol).
vermithrax pejorative
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 The Poster
The Poster
Many years ago, I watched this film and it is the sequel to the 1996 film, Dragon-heart. So, here is my review to the 2000 film.

The Story

So the story takes place after the events of the first film, and the new characters did quite well in the story from which I personally feel. It was also very sad that Drake's guardian has passed on, however I did not like Tom Burke's character in this film in which I will talk about it later.

The Characters

Upon looking at चित्रो of Drake, he looks pretty cartoony cute. Ironically, he was voiced द्वारा Robbie Benson, the voice of the Beast in Disney's Beauty...
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