Frieza's attack on Planet Vegeta
This is a little new series I am creating to ease new DBZ प्रशंसकों into the universe. Veteran प्रशंसकों can also use this if they forget something, या are just in boredom. I might reference other parts of Dragon Ball, but I will stick mainly to Dragon Ball Z. Today I am talking about plot.


Akira Toriyama, creator of all Dragon Ball, has been known for forgetting details of his own series. There might be plot holes.

The series starts off (Though this part isn't showed in the beginning [With the exception of DBZ Kai], but this takes place in the beginning of the timeline [I am not counting the episode of Bardock, as it is not cannon, but that's another topic I might get to in this series]) as Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta, the घर of the saiyans, and Bardock, the father of Son Goku, makes his final stand, but is killed द्वारा Frieza, along with the planet, with ease.

As the first Dragon Ball goes on, गोकु has many journeys on Earth, where he was sent to
wipe out all life forms on the planet, but bumped his head and forgot, then he became sweet. He fought many opponents including Demon King Piccolo and his son, who later plays an important role in DBZ.

When Dragon Ball Z starts, it is five साल later, and गोकु is an adult with a son named Son Gohan, after Goku's "Grandpa". गोकु decides to visit his old फ्रेंड्स at Kame House, The घर of Master Roshi, the कछुआ, कछुए hermit. But at the time of this joyful reunion, a mysterious man claiming to be Goku's brother arrives. He claims that गोकु is a saiyan, and that his real name is Kakarot. His name is Raditz. He tells गोकु that he hasn't been doing his job and takes Gohan.

Both गोकु and Piccolo (Jr) persue Raditz. Piccolo believes that Raditz will interfere with his plans of world conquest and joins Goku. They fight Raditz and गोकु sacrifices himself in order to defeat Raditz.

A voice from Raditz's scouter (a device that measures people द्वारा power levels) informs Piccolo that two saiyan warriors will be arriving in one years time. The news spreads to Goku's फ्रेंड्स and they begin training. Piccolo takes Gohan to strictly train him.

Meanwhile, गोकु runs through the harsh Snake Way to reach King Kai, who will train him the techniques Kaioken and the spirit bomb, which King Kai permits him to use it only once.

While Gohan is training, a full moon appears and he is transformed into a great ape. Piccolo destroys the moon and takes off Gohan's tail, the स्रोत of this power. Piccolo slowly gets attached to Gohan, becoming और of grumpy than evil.

The two saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, arrive early, while गोकु arrives late. While Goku's other फ्रेंड्स fight, Vegeta and Nappa plant six beings called saibamen, each with about the same power level of Raditz. Yamcha, one of Goku's friends, dies to the saibamen.

After the saibamen are finished off, it is Nappa's turn. Chioutzu dies when self destructing in an attempt to defeat Nappa. It didn't do much. When गोकु arrives, Nappa is defeated. Because if this, Vegeta sees him as weak and kills him himself.

Vegeta couldn't beat Goku. He even replaced the moon and became a great ape! (Goku can't due to his tail being cut off in the original Dragon Ball.) Vegeta barely escaped with his life. The one good thing that came came from this was a zenkai boost, making him stronger after recovering from near death. One day, his was going to beat Kakarot. One day.

Okay! That was all I had time for today, I hope आप enjoyed and please give me feedback! Have a good day!
Fun fact: Roshi means "Master", so Master Roshi is "Master Master"
Vegeta vs. गोकु