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"Buttuw!" Kat said. Doofenshmirtz got a stick of butter. द्वारा now, Kat was bawling her eyes out. "Unpwug, an wub buttuw on my paw!" Kat said. "Huwwy!" Doofenshmirtz quickly unplugged the toaster, and rubbed the मक्खन on Kat's paw. She slid her paw out of the busted toaster.

That night, the two watched a suckish not- so- scary movie. "We shudd boo dem!" Kat कहा as she threw पॉपकॉर्न at the screen. Realizing she threw the last of her popcorn, she snatched Doofenshmirtz's entire bag and tossed it across the room at the television. The two laughed.

Kat and Doofenshmirtz were so close, they even...
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Perry the Platypus and Doofenshmirtz were fighting. His lates invention- the Humaninator.

Kat came running out. She was playing videogames, but it "broke", but she had no idea it was paused. Doofenshmirtz was trying to zap Perry, when Kat got in the way.

Neither Doofenshmirtz या Perry believed what they saw. Before them, was a beautiful, twelve साल old, human girl, with गुलाबी hair- the exact same color as Kat's. Except she was- err- naked, wearing nothing but a red collar. "Okay, Perry the Platypus, आप should leave now, bye!" Doofenshmirtz said, shooing the platypus. Kat had dropped her Wii...
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It was a beautiful day. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz was feeling lonely. Perry was on vacation with Phineas and Ferb. Doofenshmirtz wanted someone to have fun with. To do evil stuff with. He decided to go for a walk to cheer himself up. It was then when he saw it.

There, right in front of his face, was a panicking mother catlike- alien thing. अगला to her were eight little babies, almost like kittens. The father was no where to be seen. That was not why she was panicking though. Doofenshmirtz realized something in the road. Something, tiny, pink, and furry. It was- a baby! A truck zoomed around...
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posted by woowie
हे everyone! It's Kat, and here's a poem I wrote about evil,

Evil, evil, evil,
you're so very bad,
evil, evil, evil,
आप don't make Doofie sad!

Evil, evil, evil,
आप do lot's of evil things,
evil, evil, evil,
आप know I like प्याज rings!

Evil, evil, evil,
It's how Doofie and I met,
evil, evil, evil,
and now I'm soaking wet!

Evil, evil, evil,
I need a long shower,
evil, evil, evil,
do showers use power?

Evil, evil, evil,
आप bandaged my tail,
evil, evil, evil,
in a storm of hail.
Doofenshmirtz was back. He was shocked when he saw Kat. "Where did all this blood come-" he paused. "Kat!?"



"Kat," Doofebshmirtz said, "your older now, it's about time आप went to school." Kat was upset. "Aww really!?" the Lightopian wailed. "Yes, now we're going to get your supplies." School!? Seriously!? Kat did not like this. Not one bit! "YOU FIEND!" she shouted, "YOU THINK आप CAN SEND ME TO THIS- THIS SCHOOL!? WELL AH GOT NEWS FO YEW!" she wagged her finger in his face, "THIS LIGHTOPIAN AINT GOIN TO NO SCHOOL!" Doof was very angry, "You are going to school...
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posted by woowie
Dear Evil Diary of Doom,

He STILL hasn't found out about the toaster! He almost did though, so... yeah.

His younger cousin, Savannah, is coming, and she has a Lightopian, too! She's light purple with गुलाबी feathery wings, and a गुलाबी cat's tail. She's really mean to me because she's all miss क्वीन Prissypriss and- BLAH! Her name's Miss Sprinkles, and when I wanna listen to Ke$ha, she goes and turns on some classical music! She knows I can't stand that crap! I haven't told him yet...

Doofenshmirtz's latest invention was the Anti-loveinator. All the boy Lightopians come here because they're attracted to me. It's starting to bug the heck out of the both of us! He just makes an ugly Lightopian prettier, and then all the boy Lightopians are gone! We're gonna do it on Gretchen down the street. She's a hairless, fat, and dirty Lightopian that all of the boys are afraid of.

posted by woowie
Kat was being an extremely बिना सोचे समझे butthead today. "I WEAR BLACK UNDERWEAR, AND I FARTED, AND NOW I'M CONSTIPATED!" she sang.

At one point, Doofenshmirtz was minding his own business, when Kat just came out of nowhere and nearly gave him a दिल attack, "KEEP AWAY! I HAVE RABIES!" He had no idea it was really whipped cream, and he thought she really did have rabies. She almost got rabies shots, but luckily, he found out it was a trick when she was looking at him funny. Kat went to बिस्तर without रात का खाना that night.

She woke up later that night, and Doofenshmirtz was still sleeping, so she decided to have some 'fun' with him. She got shaving cream and tickled him. Then she got a bowl of hot water and made him wet himself. She was in big trouble.

She was goofing off with something, and it spilled. That something- poison. She tried licking it off, but accidentally poisoned herself without realizing it. Would she die? Would she live?
Kat was being a lazy bum- as usual. "It's so hot!" she complained, "It's gotta be like, 107 degrees out there!"
"Stop being dramatic!" कहा Doofenshmirtz.
"Hmph!" Kat answered.

Kat went to get the mail. "Doofenshmirtz, Doofenshmirtz..." she कहा as she flipped through the mail, "Ooh! This one's for... Doofenshmirtz. Oh well!" She brought the mail inside.

"Here's your mail." Kat said, "I'm going to bed."
"Hey! What about dinner?" Doofenshmirtz asked.
"Nah. Not hungry."

Doofenshmirtz read some mail. Then he screamed. Kat had to jump four feet high before landing on her butt. "I'm in बिस्तर five minutes...
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One of the कुत्ता was a German Shepard, one was a Rottweiler, one was a Great Dane, and the rest were just- vicious.

rottweiler, रोट्विइलर sprung at Kat, knocking her over, then, the fight started. Kat stood up. The कुत्ता growled. "Oh, awe yowe widdew poodews an यू gonna kiw me? BWING IT ON!" Kat said. It was a big fight, and द्वारा the time she defeated all of them, she had a black eye, broken tail, sprained wrist, and the rest were deep bites and scratches. She looked like bloody murder! She then saw the hospital! She limped inside, trailing blood.

"Oh my!" gasped a nurse, "Is that who I think it is?" She...
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posted by woowie
Dear Evil Diary of Doom,

Doofenshmirtz saved my life AGAIN today! I can't stop thanking him! I would die if someting bad happened to him. My life depends on him. Although, I need to look out for myself once in a while, I mean... yeah.

We saw a hobo on the road today, and Doofenshmirtz asked me where my manners are when I started laughing, and my respose was "In the toilet!" I brightened up a hobo's day, but i think I totally humiliated Doofenshmirtz. Poor guy! I should get him something, he's always down in the dumps!

Yeah, and I also smoked him at a videogame, then he went to take a nap. So, I was bored, and I decided to play with the toaster, which I destroyed. He hasn't found out yet, but he eventually will.

Back at Phineas and Ferb's place, Kat was lonely. She was supposed to be asleep. She was pretending. All of a sudden, Perry got up and put a hat on. 'Where on eith is that platypus going?' she wondered. She decided to follow him.

Perry went down a tunnel, not realizing he was being followed. They were underground. Kat hid. When Perry left, Kat followed him.

She was- it can't be- outside? She ran off.


"Ferb! Where's Kat!?" कहा Phineas. Ferb had no idea. They looked all around, without luck.


Kat was having a blast, as if, she had forgotten about what had...
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Doofenshmirtz was holding Kat. She was unconcious. He took her inside and put her on the couch. He seemed fine on the outside but on the inside: "Live Kat, live."

About an घंटा later, Kat woke up. As soon as she saw Doofenshmirtz, she कहा it, "Doofdoof!" Her first word!

Doofenshmirtz was walking Kat (more like carrying her until she found a good peeing spot), who had a broken foot, when she saw something. "Doofdoof!" she pointed at the ground, "SCAWY!" She started crying her head off- at a snail. Doofenshmirtz couldn't get her to shut up. He just walked away.

Kat had...
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