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This कुत्ता वॉलपेपर might contain ब्रिटनी चाटुकार, ब्रिटनी स्पैनियल, and brittany चाटुकार.

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A few years ago, I had a sweet, small dog named Heidi. She was a corgi/border कोल्ली, कोली mix. She looked like a border कोल्ली, कोली but was the size of a corgi. Unfortunately, she died. She lived a very, very long life though. Sadly, most of her life, she was miserable, until she came to my family. Before she came to us, she went to 3 families, all of which beat her up which made her blind. When she came to our house, my parents were just fostering her. आप could tell how they hurt her because she was always afraid of brooms and scooters. That could just have been because she was blind, but it could...
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