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Ten | Something Worth Living For

Ten | It broke my heart.

[Ten/Eleven] #They're Gonna Eat Me Alive (AU)

Death Would Be A Gift. [Ten/Eleven]

(Doctor Who) Amy/Eleven- Boats And Birds

DW | We're Just Fine

the doctor & rose tyler | i'll be, still लॉस्ट

The Doctor & Rose Tyler | wherever आप will go

I tremble // Melody Pond [SPOILERS 6X08]

Up, up and away! // Doctor Who

harder, better, faster, stronger // Doctor Who

❀ ELEVEN; sexy and i know it

Donna Noble | I Need a Doctor

Doctor Who | Donna Noble • Check it Out

So So Sad (Ten/Companions)

Ten/Donna || That's what makes आप beautiful

ten+donna; wherever आप will go.

Ten/Donna ~ "i am finished with you" AU

Ten&Rose [2x13] | Fix आप

Sky's still blue; Doctor + Rose

Ride | Doctor/Rose

I Need a Doctor ♥

Doctor/Rose ► A Thousand Years.

ten & rose

you're turning me into you.

ten/rose // at the चोटी, शीर्ष of my lungs.

100% reason to remember the name

Doctor Who - Nine, Ten & Eleven - I Need A Doctor

Geronimo | Doctor Who

wherever आप will go║the doctor&rose

River Song • Blah, Blah, Blah

Doctor Who | it's such a perfect दिन

doctor & river ► who do आप think आप are?

I Got Dark Only To Shine • Amy Pond

the doctor & rose | don't let me go

[doctor who] martha jones - turn my swag on

[doctor who] nine & rose - written in the stars

[doctor who] the tenth doctor - dropped

[doctor who] amy pond - do it like a dude

[doctor who] amy pond - circus

Doctor Who | Time's a loaded gun

ten&rose | take it all

'Doctor Who' Castmates are Pinball Wizards

Doctor Who - "The Ballad of Russell and Julie" लपेटें Party Special

Doctor Who | Lift Me Up, Let Me Go

Sonic पेंचकस, पेचकश (lady gaga's telephone)

Doctor Who - 4 Chords

Tiny Toons

Doctor Who - Cast & Crew Special

The Doctor Explains होमस्टक

TARDIS Sexy Times (11/River Song)

River Song - Fine Fine Line

11 - Dark Side

Season 6 - The Book of प्यार

The Travelling Man

Doctor Who Puppet Pals

The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe Official Trailer

Doctor&Donna | Don't आप let me go

10 Meets 11

If My दिल Was A House - Eleven/Amy - Doctor Who

the tenth doctor | they break my दिल

fix आप | doctor who

क्रिस्मस Lights // Doctor Who

He's my only savior. // Rose/11.

Doctor&Donna | Breathe Again

Donna Noble | Paradise

what makes आप beautiful // The Doctor & Donna


Doctor+Rose | I Don't Feel Alone

Amy&Rory | Dead Hearts

Fix You;; [Doctor/Rose | Rory/Amy]

Echo;; [Doctor/Rose | Rory/Amy]

One last दिन with your beloved. Rose/Doctor.

Ships in the Night │ Doctor Who

DW couples // All this time

the tenth doctor | moving on [150+ subscribers]

wings won't help आप | doctor who

Doctor Who | We R Who We R

Doctor/Donna || sky's still blue

Doctor Who: "love.fear.regret" (SYTYCV)

Doctor who - Weight of us

i tremble

Life Is A Canvas - Doctor Who

I Owned the Stage // Doctor Who

she`s got me dancing

Doctor Who | With Silver-Coloured Tears

The Doctor / Iridescent

The Girl Who Waited.

Dropped // Doctor Who

Animus Vox • Doctor Who (feat. Torchwood)

Doctor WHO - Dreams Don't Turn to Dust

eleven&river | आप are forgiven

Tick Tock Goes The Clock

The Timeline of River Song

The Wedding of River Song - संगीत video

Chameleon Circuit - Big Bang Two

Bad भेड़िया Theme

Rory & Amy - I remember (6x13)

| Doctor Who | Eleven&Amy • Longest night