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'Doctor Who': चोटी, शीर्ष 10 कोट्स

David Tennant interview, concerning the death of Elisabeth Sladen

'I'd Come For You'-Eleven and Amy

Eleven and Amy-'Set आग to the Rain'

we need आप raggedy man... i need you.

Pond Life #5- Doctor Who prequel

Pond Life #4 - Doctor Who prequel

'Doctor Who' :Top 11 Catchphrases <3

Dalek Maybe : Call Me Maybe Parody

Pond Life #3 - Doctor Who prequel

Pond Life #2 - Doctor Who prequel

Pond Life- Prequel mini episode

The Doctor and Rose: 'Angel' <3

'Day of the Moon' trailer

Scary scene from 'The Impossible Astronaut' <3

Doctor Who | Yesterday was hard....

River's best line in 'Let's Kill Hitler'. :D

'Last of the Time Lords': Master's death scene. :(

The ninth Doctor regenerates

The seventh Doctor regenerates

The sixth Doctor regenerates

The fifth Doctor regenerates

Amy in 'Let's Kill Hitler': 'He's gay!'

Rory: 'Shut up, Hitler!'

'Ooh, Doctor! आप soniced her!'

RANDOM: David and Billie dancing. <3

The fourth Doctor regenerates

The third Doctor's regeneration

The सेकंड Doctor's regeneration

The First Doctor's regeneration. :)

'Asylum of the Daleks' trailer!!!!!!!!!!

River & Eleven - I follow Rivers

Doctor Who // dark in my imagination

Is Doctor Who's Amy Pond like a badly paid stripper?

Doctor Who: The Weeping एंन्जल्स - Cinema Trailer

Ten ~ "Tell me would आप kill to save a life?"

Rose & Ten ~ It's like you're screaming, but no one can hear...

The last part of 'The Stolen Earth'. <3

'Doctor Who': 'Closing Time' Confidential :)

Series 5 bloopers :)

'Doctor Who': Sophia Myles interview. :)

Georgia Moffett and her son (Tyler), then 6 years old. Q&A <3

David Tennant and Billie Piper 2006 interview. <3

'The End of Time'-the tenth Doctor's farewells. <3

The tenth Doctor tribute-'Run'. <3

Funny 'Doctor Who' scene with the tenth Doctor, Donna and Judoon! :D

One of the funniest 'Doctor Who' lines-ever! <3

20 of Donna Noble's greatest moments. :)

The tenth Doctor and Rose-'Doomsday' दीवार scene. :(

The tenth Doctor and Rose's goodbye scene. :(

'Doctor Who' series 5 trailer.

Funny David Tennant blooper <3

'Doctor Who' Series 2 cat blooper!

Funny 'Doctor Who' 10th/11th Doctor bloopers. :)

David Tennant farewell dance. :)

Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death

Chameleon Circuit - Nightmares Lyrics

Doctor Who • Lonely एंजल (10th Doctor Tribute) HD

Doctor Who Series 1 Cinema Trailer (Christopher Eccleston)

Doctor Who - The Best of David Tennant

While the Candle Still Burns: Amy and Rory

The Ballad of Russell & Julie

doctor who | alien

My favourite scene in Dr who season 5.

Doctor Who S7 Official Trailer

Doctor Who • I will be rising from the ground

Doctor&Rose || losing your memory

The Doctor/Rose - Time Collapsing

Drifting // 10th & 11th Doctor [Collab with OViolentDarkKnightO]

I'm Always All For आप // Doctor/Companions

ELEVEN | डॉक्टर हू Tribute

Dare to Believe: Doctor Who

Doctor Who Astronaut (1 साल Anniversary)

48 Years of Doctor Who -- Marching On

the Master • here come the Drums!

10th Doctor • f i x y o u

Unreleased Scene From Flesh And Stone

The Doctor Donna.

doctor who | dance on our graves

I Got a Girl // The Doctor

Amy&Eleven || Please don't go, i want आप to stay...

holding on and letting go | amy eleven + ten donna

doctor doctor

Doctor Who season 1 - 6

Eleven&Amy • "I really am just a mad man in a box."

Doctor Who - Someone Like आप (Fan Vid)

River kills the doctor to save him

आप Know You're a प्रशंसक Of Doctor Who When....

Doctor Who - Fallen Empires (Fan Vid)

ride | doctor&donna

Doctor Who - One (to Eleven)

River & The Doctor | 'You're the woman who married me'

Inception | Doctor Who

eleven&donna | wherever you'd like

I Sink So Deep in आप : Doctor Who

R2-Dalek2 & Cyber-3PO

Alfie Aka:

Doctor Who New Series Trailer 2012 - BBC One

No Light No Light :: River Song

accidentally in प्यार | david tennant + catherine tate