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'Doctor Who': 'Chasing the Sun'

'Doctor Who': 'Lightning'

'Doctor Who': 'All Time Low'

Doctor & Rose - It's Not Over

The Doctor and Rose: 'Someone Like You'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Soul Sister'

'Doctor Who': 'Circus'

'Doctor Who': 'Disturbia'

The Doctor and Rose: 'How We Roll'

Eleven and Amy: 'Marry You'

'Doctor Who': 'Teenage Dream'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Toxic'

'The Power of Three' Trailer

The Doctor and Rose: 'Walking on Sunshine'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Glad आप Came'

The Doctor and Donna: 'Glad आप Came'

'Doctor Who': 'Firework'

'Doctor Who': 'My दिल Will Go On'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Wherever आप Will Go'

The Doctor and Master: 'Hot and Cold'

The Doctor and Master: 'Paparazzi'

'A Town Called Mercy' Trailer

The Doctor and Rose: 'For Blue Skies'

The Doctor and Rose: 'We Found Love'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Paradise'

'Doctor Who': 'Womanizer'

The Doctor and Rose: 'E.T'

Nine/Ten/Eleven: 'E.T'

MATT SMITH,KAREN GILLAN, Arthur Darvil and steven moffet Bowling - DOCTOR WHO vs. NERDIST - All

where is my mind

who are you, really? | Doctor Who

Gay Themes in Doctor Who

rose & doctor • what if

Ten and Rose: 'E.T'

'Doctor Who': 'Lovegame'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Accidentally in Love'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Untouched'

As strong as आप were... || Doctor/Companions

Ten and Rose: 'What Hurts the Most'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Don't Stop Believing'

Melody regenerates!!!!

River Song: 'Smooth Criminal'

'Doctor Who': 'Stronger'

'Doctor Who': 'Last Friday Night'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Hallelujah'

Series 5: चोटी, शीर्ष fifteen One-Liners :D

Eleven/River: 'Soul Sister'

The Doctor and River: 'Everytime We Touch'

'Doctor Who': 'Blow'

'Doctor Who': 'Tik Tok' (that's how केशा spells it, anyway!:)

'Doctor Who': 'Hot and Cold'

My Sarah Jane: A Tribute To Liz Sladen

River Song's timeline.

Best scenes from 'The Doctor's Daughter'. <3 <3

Fury of a Timelord

'The End of Time': alternate ending

'The Waters of Mars': alternate ending

'Doctor Who': 'Fireflies'

The Face of Boe's Death :(

The tenth Doctor tribute <3 <3

आप Know You're a Whovian When...

'Doctor Who': 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks'

The tenth Doctor: 'Are आप my mummy?!'

The tenth Doctor: 'Allons-y, Alonso!'

Matt and Karen's 'epic' dance :D

Funny scenes from series 5 and 6 :D

'Doctor Who' scene: 'The Parting of the Ways'

'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' trailer!

When Doctor Who Becomes Twilight

Somewhere the clock is ticking | Doctor Who

J-Lou filming for 2012 क्रिस्मस

Matt filming for the 2012 क्रिस्मस special, rumoured to be called 'The Snowman'...

Jenna-Louise Coleman filming fopr the 2012 क्रिस्मस Special, rumoured to be called 'The Snowman'...

'Doctor Who': Greatest Moments of Series 2-4!

'Doctor Who': चोटी, शीर्ष 10 कोट्स

David Tennant interview, concerning the death of Elisabeth Sladen

'I'd Come For You'-Eleven and Amy

Eleven and Amy-'Set आग to the Rain'

we need आप raggedy man... i need you.

Pond Life #5- Doctor Who prequel

Pond Life #4 - Doctor Who prequel

'Doctor Who' :Top 11 Catchphrases <3

Dalek Maybe : Call Me Maybe Parody

Pond Life #3 - Doctor Who prequel

Pond Life #2 - Doctor Who prequel

Pond Life- Prequel mini episode

The Doctor and Rose: 'Angel' <3

'Day of the Moon' trailer

Scary scene from 'The Impossible Astronaut' <3

Doctor Who | Yesterday was hard....

River's best line in 'Let's Kill Hitler'. :D

'Last of the Time Lords': Master's death scene. :(

The ninth Doctor regenerates

The seventh Doctor regenerates

The sixth Doctor regenerates

The fifth Doctor regenerates

Amy in 'Let's Kill Hitler': 'He's gay!'

Rory: 'Shut up, Hitler!'

'Ooh, Doctor! आप soniced her!'

RANDOM: David and Billie dancing. <3