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Everything Ends

Doctor Who || Breathe me (7x05)

For एंन्जल्स to Fly - Goodbye Ponds

Eleven&River // 7x05 // "One does one's best to hide the damage"

Amy/Rory {i'm lost}

... we will प्यार you, always ...

|Afterword द्वारा Amelia Williams||The एंन्जल्स take manhattan|

Work this out

मछली fingers and custard;

Amy & Eleven | 6x11 | "Your faith in me."

"You're my best friend."

|never let him see the damage||the एंन्जल्स take manhattan|

Oswin Oswald | The demons that I face

Eleven & Amy • This is the story of Amelia Pond, and this is how it ends

the doctor and the ponds | raggedy man,goodbye

Youth (Doctor Who)

[Doctor Who] The Doctor/Companions || All Fall Down

[Doctor Who] The Doctor/Companions || This House no Longer Feels Like घर

[Doctor Who] The Eleven Doctors || Hurricane (New version)

[Doctor Who] The Doctor/Companions || May एंन्जल्स Lead आप In (for BritishAlienCompany)

[Doctor Who] Amy/Rory || I Come To आप In Pieces

[Doctor Who] A Town Called Mercy || Seven Devils

[Doctor Who ] The Doctor & Companions || What happened to the other people who traveled with you?

[Doctor Who] Eleven || It's Were My Demons Hide

The Doctor + Companions | Wonderwall [+HeartbreakInRomance]

Eleven&Amy • Wouldn't change a thing

Doctor Who ; "this is how it ends..." (7x05)

doctor + river | look after him

doctor who | holding a दिल [7x05] spoilers.

A Finger, Two Dots, then Me • Amy/Eleven

Eleven & the Ponds - Time of Our Lives

doctor who एल with a broken दिल [7x05]

The Doctor & The Ponds :: Before They Fade Forever

Goodbye Ponds. [Doctor Who 7x05]

Amy&Rory | signal आग

This is the story of Amelia Pond || Please Don't Go (7X05)

doctor who | just close your eyes

Exit Wounds [Doctor & Ponds]

●Rory Williams || Everybody loves me

●Doctor Who || An unfinished life {7x05 spoilers}

BANGARANG ► Doctor Who

doctor who | this is how it ends

Doctor&Amy | Crawl

क्रिस्मस Special-rumoured to be called 'The Snowman'-trailer!!!!!!!!

Amy and Rory: 'What Makes आप Beautiful'

Amy and Rory: 'Wherever आप Will Go'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Say Okay'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Love the Way आप Lie'

'Doctor Who': 'Disturbia'

'Doctor Who': 'Only Girl in the World'

Ten/Rose/Reinette: 'Over You'

The Doctor and Rose: 'All आप Wanted'

Nine/Ten/Rose: 'Just a Dream'

Ten and Rose: 'Please Come Home'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Accidentally in Love'

The Doctor and Rose: 'My दिल Will Go On'

Clip of The एंन्जल्स take Manhattan

Amy and Rory Forever

The First मिनट of The एंन्जल्स take Manhattan

Doctor Who - The Lightning Strike

Doctor Who- Run

[Doctor Who] Miles from Where आप Are

Doctor Who - Eleven/Amy You're All I Have [7x04]

Doctor/Rose - आप and Me and One Spotlight

Tribute Dedicated to the Tenth Doctor <3

The Doctor and Rose: 'I प्यार You'

Ten and Rose: 'Even एंन्जल्स Fall'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Truly Madly Deeply'

Ten and Rose: 'Yesterday I Died'

The Doctor and Rose: 'All My Days'

The Doctor and Rose: 'E.T'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Jar of Hearts'

The Return of River Song - Doctor Who: 'The एंन्जल्स Take......

Eleven/Amy: 'Domino'

The Doctor and Rose: 'What Makes आप Beautiful'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Love Story'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Chasing Cars'

'Doctor Who': 'Reach (for the Stars)'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Kiss the Stars'

Doctor Who: The Master - Shut Me Up

Doctor Who - The Master - Be Prepared

Vincent वैन, वान Gogh | How my thoughts they let me down

Doctor Who - Eleven/Amy So Cold

Oswin. breath

'The एंन्जल्स Take Manhattan' trailer!

Ten/Rose: 'Wherever आप Will Go'

'Doctor Who': 'Blow'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Just the Way आप Are'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Patience'

The Doctor and Rose: 'There You'll Be'

The Doctor and Rose: 'What About Now?'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Parachute'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Your Song'

Ten/Rose: 'Airplanes'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Your प्यार is my Drug'

'Doctor Who': 'Watcha Say'

The Doctor and Rose: 'Hey, Soul Sister'

Doctor Who│Echo {collab with TheGDWF}

ten and rose | hello

ten and rose | if happy ever after did exist