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.Always and completely forgiven. .

Don't be alone, Doctor.

आप and me, on the last page. .

This cold air tastes real. .

.I will never be able to see आप again. .

.Never them. .

.You'll be there 'til the end of me. .

I will प्यार आप 'til the end of time

.Alone in the dark. .

.Better a broken दिल than no दिल at all. .

Doctor Who: At World's End.

Back in the old days. .

Eleven/Amy- You're really gone .

Doctor Who: "Icarus" - Ultimate Tribute

Guide और resultsnew doctor who tribute Doctor Who "Human Legacy" Ultimate Tribute

.Eleven & Amy (Doctor Who) // The demons in my dreams .

Clara + Eleven | Take me द्वारा the hand, take me somewhere new

Rose & the Doctor | My Immortal

loving her was red | (rose and the doctor)

Eleven&Amy » Losing your memory

ships (doctor/rose)

I'm Just A Messenger | Eleven & Clara

doctor who :: deja vu

are आप my mommy

doctor who | welcome घर

history with doctor who • आप should never meet your हीरोस

doctor who | carry आप घर

• DOCTOR WHO: Eleventh & Clara Oswin Oswald •

amy + eleven | chasing cars [doctor who + S7]

Doctor Who || Time of Our Lives

Amelia Pond and Her Boys || Faith and Desire

The Doctor & Rose | I won't give up

Something to Fight For- Doctor Who Trailer

Series 5-7 Mega Trailer

Clara (Oswin) + The Doctor | The Time Traveler's Wife

Die to be born again | Doctor Who

doctor who | remember the best .

doctor who {the good} .

.sin to confess {doctor who 6x08} .

.back to the start | ten&rose / eleven&amy .

.the doctor & river {you only} .


martha jones {come away}

.amy pond | this is how it ends .

.rose / river {how i died} .

Warning Sign // Doctor/Companions

doctor who all the themes (all of them)

Doctor who Companions || If आप प्यार me, Why'd आप leave me? .

.Doctor & Rose || घर .

Amy and Rory || Cosmic प्यार .

आग Escape | Eleven + Clara

Oswin Oswald > 'So Cold'

Clara Oswin Oswald > 'We Shall Meet Again'

Clara Oswin Oswald > 'Wide Awake'

फूल for a ghost | doctor who

clara oswin oswald | the woman twice dead

Eleven/Clara- Cosmic प्यार

Clara&Eleven | Breathe Into Me

Eleven&Ponds • एनचांटेड to meet आप

.asylum of the daleks [DW] | run and remember .

.Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks - "Too Much Rain" .

sail- doctor who

Clara Oswin Oswald || Doctor Who

क्रिस्मस Eve // Doctor Who

Doctor Who on BBC One in 2013

Doctor Who 10/Rose No time for us

Doctor Who-Feel Again

the Doctor and Rose-All I Want for क्रिस्मस is आप

Doctor Who // In My Veins

Doctor Who - I Knew आप Were Trouble

Rose & The Doctor || L•I•V•E While We're Young

doctor + rose || feel again

Doctor Who - Up & Away

Tenth Doctor Tribute ∞ The End Of Time

the doctor and clara | will आप come away with me?

» clara oswin oswald ft.eleven • paradise

The Doctor and Clara | Cover Your Tracks

Ordinary दिन I Clara and Eleven (The snowmen)

Eleven + Clara | The Writer

.Doctor Who // "Watch me run!" .

Clara + Eleven (The Snowman) ∞ "Clocks" .

Doctor Who] "the Stairs", Clara Oswin Oswald

Eleven/Clara || Enough

clara + the doctor | the ladder

Eleven - What Makes A Good Man?

the doctor & river | too late

» I knew आप were trouble (eleven x clara)

Doctor Who - The Beauty of the Matt Smith Era

The Doctor | I've Seen The Dark

Matt on The Snowmen and Part 2 Opener

Smith and Coleman on The Snowmen

Doctor Who 'She belongs to fairytales' .

The sound of drums - Chameleon circuit - A doctor who fanvid

Doctor Who- Hallelujah

Ten/Rose- 1973

Doctor Who- Cry

Doctor who -- Wisemen

.River Song -- How do I let go? .

.A good man goes to war. -- Untouchable

.Doctor who -- Amy's daughter (River Song) .