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The Doctor and River - Your प्यार is my drug [HQ]

The Doctor and River - Collide [HQ]

The Doctor and River - She likes me for me [HQ]

Doctor Who, Won't आप please dance with me

आप are all I need || River&Eleven

doctor&clara | save me from this darkness

Somebody That I Used To Know // Doctor/River

The Doctor and River - What makes आप beautiful

Doctor/ River Here We Go Again

River Song - Mrs.Robinson

At Last - The Doctor and River Song

The Doctor and River - Ho हे

Call Me Maybe || Doctor-River

Doctor/River - White Flag

Dancing on our graves | Doctor/River

Oh my darling, make it go away... | River/Eleven | The Wedding Of River Song

- it's like you're screaming | Doctor/River |

Doctor and River | When आप haven't say goodbye

Doctor Who - River Song Timeline [Part I / Full HD]

eleven&clara [whouffle] • gravity

the story of river song | river&the doctor

Eleven & Clara | You, and me, and one spotlight

Doctor Who - River Song -Trouble

The Doctor and River - That don't impress me much [HQ]

11/River Song II Set आग To The Rain

that girl's a genius | river song

Who Are You? // The Doctor/River Song

A Good Man Goes To War II आप make them so afraid

"You and me. Time and space. आप watch us run." • River Song & The Doctor

The Doctor and River Song - Run

The Doctor and River - मास्करेड

The Doctor and River - Jealousy

I'd Come For आप - Doctor/River [Doctor Who]

doctor & river | always find me here

we're all stories in the end

Doctor who ऐनीमे Full

the doctor & river / clarity

River and The Doctor-When I'm Gone

Who Are आप Really? The Doctor / River Song

Falling to Pieces // River Song & the Doctor

► The Doctor / River Song • दिखाना Me What This Life Is For

The Doctor + River Song Coming after आप

Doctor Who - Running Up That पहाड़ी, हिल (Doctor/River)

River/Doctor the Story of Us

River/Doctor- I Knew आप Were Trouble

I Won't Give Up - River Song and the Doctor (Doctor Who)

Doctor and River good enough 2013 50 years of great दिखा रहा है sweeties

A Thousand Years - Doctor/River (River's Timeline)

Doctor/River || 'You are always here to me' [SPOILER 7X13]

Doctor + River | Clarity {+7x13}

Eleven + Clara | Just A Game

River&Doctor | Dead Hearts

David Tennant and Matt Smith Discuss The Fiftieth!

*SPOILERS* The Final Moments of The Name of the Doctor

TARDIS - test shot

Doctor Who Franchise Retrospective

The Doctor, Amy and Rory's Wedding Album

Doctor Who Drawing - Matt Smith - प्रशंसक Art Time Lapse

The Doctor & Rose | oh you're in my veins...

doctor & rose | will i see आप again?

'The Name of the Doctor' Prequel: 'She Said, He Said'!! :D

Fantastic!, Allons-y!, Geronimo! (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who Series 3 *Hilarious Deleted Scene*

New Earth

the man who keeps running | Doctor Who | Tribute to Ten

Doctor Who - Sunny Mystery (Doktor / Master Tribute)

Doctor/Master - 'Judas'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'Disturbia'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'Paradise'

'Doctor Who' - 'Skyfall'

'Doctor Who' // 'Radioactive'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'Love Story'

Ten/Rose | Amy/Rory || Into the Dark (for terrilynn88)

who are आप now - [clara x eleven

clara x eleven + fall for आप

fireflies | eleven+clara

w i r e s | eleven+clara

shadow is the only friend that I have | ten+rose

Ten and Rose > 'Listen To Your Heart'

The Doctor and Rose // 'Listen To Your Heart'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'I'm On My Way'

Eleven and Amy ~ 'Alejandro'

Nine & Rose | द्वारा Your Side

'Doctor Who' ~ 'LoveGame'

Ten and Rose: 'If I Die Young'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'Die Young'

Jenny > 'Radioactive'

Amy and Rory // 'Rule the World'

The Doctor and Rose ~ 'Rule the World'

Doctor Who/Torchwood - "Because of You" (Doctor/Jack)

Doctor Who, Jack/Rose-I Will Be

Torchwood/Doctor Who - Jack/Ianto - Here Without आप

Doctor Who (Jack Harkness) - Born This Way

[d]octor&[c]lara - feel again

Doctor Who || Soldier On

Matt and Arthur - Hot Mess

David Talks to Chris Evans about Fiftieth (skip until 1:45)!!!

Ten/Rose ~ 'My दिल Will Go On'

Eleven/Amy ~ 'Super Bass'

Doctor/River ~ 'Going In For The Kill'