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Chameleon Circuit - Type 40

Chameleon Circuit - Still Not Ginger

count the shadows - chameleon circuit

Chameleon Circuit - Teenage Rebel

Chameleon Circuit - किस the Girl

Chameleon Circuit - Mr. Pond

Chameleon Circuit - The Doctor is Dying

Chameleon Circuit - The Sound of Drums

exterminate regenerate - chameleon circuit

Doctor Who | The Tenth Doctor | Song for Ten

Doctor Who | Still Not Ginger | Chameleon Circuit

GEEK WEEK: Holding Out For The Doctor - Doctor Who Parody Song - Dana Marie

Doctor Who Theme (With Lyrics!), A Capella

I Am the Doctor (violin) ~ Doctor Who

[doctor who] something worth fighting for

unstoppable | doctor who

[Doctor/Rose] dreams all die

Rose&Ten || आप fell hopeless.

river & the doctor / holding on and letting go

ten+rose; let her go

Seven Devils // Dark!Doctor

E.T. Doctor Who-ized

Cyberman's दिन Off Featuring K9

John Barrowman गाना Doctor Who Theme

Screwin' Around on the Set of Doctor Who

Screwin' Around on the Set of Doctor Who II

Billie piper talks about Freema ageyman

Jonathan Ross interview w/ David Tennant and Katherine Tate

Doctor Who 50th: The Moment

10 Hours Doctor Who Theme

ten & rose | this ain't goodbye

Doctor Who Intro Feat. Peter Capaldi

Harry Potter meets the Daleks

Doctor Who/Harry Potter Fan-Trailer :)

11/Clara: 'Stay'

11/Amy: 'Everything Has Changed'

Amy and Rory: 'Fix You'

Amy and Rory: 'Kiss you'

11/Amy: 'One Thing'

Doctor Who: 'Live While We're Young'

The Ponds | "Together, या not at all."

Hand of Sorrow (Jack/Doctor)

Doctor Who: Jack Harkness' Bad Touch

Amy & Rory || प्यार through अंतरिक्ष and time...

'Doctor Who' ~ 'It's Time'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'Bleeding Out'

The Cast of Doctor Who गाना

Doctor Who - Run Boy, RUN

The Tenth Doctor says goodbye to his former companions (Doctor Who)

Rose is Still Around (Eleven/Rose, Rose/10.5)

Doctor Who - Complete Bad भेड़िया Speech

Torchwood/Doctor Who: Jack & Gwen, The Doctor & Rose..♥

Doctor Who - Jack's Dream (Jack/Ten)

Doctor Who - Ninth and Jack

Clara Oswald | Narcissistic Cannibal

red hands | doctors&companions

Doctor Who - Captain Jack Returns

Christopher Eccleston supporting charity RNIB in new play

the tenth doctor | last of the timelords

Doctor&Rose | close to आप

Tom Baker/The 4th Doctor

Let it go | The Pond Era

the new doctor | Doctor Who

Doctor Who / Radioactive

Doctor Who and the TARDIS: When World's Collide - 100,000 likes Celebration

DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Interviews (Matt Smith & Team) Comic-Con 2013

Doctor Who Gallifrey Convention- 2012 (With Celebrity Interviews)

Need आप now (DoctorxRiver)

The Doctor and River Song - Let her go

The Doctor and River Song - No Life After आप [DW]

I thought it would hurt too much... II Doctor & River

Young and Beautiful | River & The Doctor

Doctor Who Weakest Link

Doctor Who: The Last Great Time War Trailer

Anything u can do I can do better 10th and 11th

This Will Destroy आप | Eleven & Clara

Doctor&Rose | स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी झूला, स्विंग

Who are you, really? // The Eleventh Doctor

The Doctor appears at the conductor's podium - Doctor Who Prom - BBC Proms 2013 - Radio 3

last chance to say it; [r&t]

Eleven ~ 'Holiday'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'American Idiot'

'Doomsday' ~ 'Holiday'

The Girl Who Remembered | Doctor Who

together... या not at all | Amy/Rory [Doctor Who]

Eleven & Clara | प्रेमी hold onto anything

Doctor/Rose ~ 'Bulletproof'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'In For The Kill'

The Doctor and Rose ~ 'Demons'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'Demons'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'Demons'

'Doctor Who' ~ 'Demons'

all this time | doctor&rose + amy&rory

Song for 50 at BBC Proms 2013

Vale Decem Proms 2013

Doctor Who Proms 2013: New Doctor Who Theme

rule one | Doctor Who

not a snog box | Doctor Who [HUMOR]

he wasn't imaginary | Amy Pond

Run, boy, run | Doctor Who