...and the winner is... mds_blackflag!!
So, here we are again but, this time with mds_blackflag, who has won August's FOTM (as the शीर्षक of this लेख says)

1.First of all: Congratulations. What do आप wannna say to those who have voted for you?

-Thank आप so much. You're the best. (yeah...I'm bad at these thngs...I know)

2.When did आप first start watching Doctor Who and why?
-Well... I've been a sci-fi प्रशंसक since I was a child (thanks bro!) and my mum showed me some vids of the old DW episodes and I liked them so much!

3.What do आप think about Matt Smith and Karen Gillan?
-They are so good... At the beginning I disliked her (I can't remember why...) but now she's in my "DW's चोटी, शीर्ष 10 companions" ;) Matt's so crazy and I think he's the best as the Doctor (always behind David Tennant and Tom Baker :) )

4.Do आप miss 10?
-How can आप ask that? Of course! He's my Doctor (as I've कहा before) and he'll be my Doctor forever and ever... I didn't cry in "The End of Time" but I must say that I miss him...

5.Okay... And what do आप think of 9?
-He's okay... He had something cool but, I didn't liked him so much...

6.Who is your favourite companion and why?
-Tied. Donna and Rose. Both rock and both are awesome... I प्यार when 10 told her "You... Tim'rous Beastie" and the 1st episode with Donna...

7.What do आप think of the new changes?
-I like the change in the main संगीत and the new TARDIS

8.If आप had to choose one episode to दिखाना a non-Who watcher in order to convert them into a watcher, what would it be?
-It may be "Tooth and Claw", "Blink" या "The Unicorn and the Wasp"

9.What are आप doing to get your DW fix during that long hiatus?
-Listen to the OST while my eyes are closed (yeah, no comment...) and watch some episodes of seasons 1, 3, 4 and 5

Your Fave -
Doctor: 10th
Companion: Rose
Monster: Weeping Angels
Couple: 10th/Rose
Episode: Tooth and Claw
Friendship: 10th/Donna

Your Least Fave -
Doctor: 9th
Companion: Martha
Monster: Abzorbaloff
Couple: Mickey/Rose
Episode: प्यार and Monsters
Friendship: 10th/Martha

This या that?

Green या blue sonic screwdirver?:
11/Amy या Rory/Amy?: Rory/Amy
Rose या Donna?: Donna
11th या 9th?: 11th
Original या new series?: New Series
Human Nature/Family of Blood या Time of Angels/Flesh and Blood?: Human Nature/Family of Blood

Describe in 1-4 words:

River Song:
craziest archeologist
Season 5: hello! I'm here!
The Master: Mad Son of Gallifrey
The TARDIS: blue eternal companion

Finish the sentences:
Rose accidentally...
कहा htat she's Spartacus too in Picadilly Circus.
The Dalek saw... Rose and कहा "Hello"
10 sang... "My Fair Lady" again and the Clockwork mans escaped