One दिन the doctor and Rose were wandering new earth. Then, a girl walked up to him, he felt like he had seen her before. She कहा her name was Oswin and that she was here to protect the doctor. What happened अगला surprised the doctor, out of no where a Dalek showed up. The doctor told Oswin and Rose to get back. Despite that warning, Oswin didn't listen. She started attacking the Dalek. It killed Oswin. A few दिन later on regular earth, he saw the same girl walking around. He had no idea how she got there considering she had died, but he was curious so, he asked for her name. This time she कहा Clara but the doctor was sure it was the same girl. from time to time he would run into her. She would die and after each death she would go back and fourth between oswin and clara. THE END