Bolt, Violet, Rhino, Mittens and Penny sat in कुत्ता compartment as an inspector asks for the ticket.
(Can I see their ticket?) Penny: Yeah right here.
* Displays the ticket *
The inspector says: Thank you
(the train's speakers: Attention please., we will be at Copenhagen Central Station, in a few minutes)
Bolt: That's what I call "a big railway station."
Violet: So आप must try to see how the railway station in Paris looks.
Mittens: What kind of a long shed is that?
Violet: It is where the so-called IC3 trains are cleaned, checked to see if there are forgotten things in the cars.
Bolt: आप would think you've been around the world round.
Violet: almost actually. My earlyer owner lives in this country.
Penny: This place is huge!
To be continued ...