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 Peter Pan वॉलपेपर
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Peter Pan वॉलपेपर
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animated film
 Ariel & Eric. I always loved this किस when I was a kid.So sweet.
Ariel & Eric. I always loved this kiss when I was a kid.So sweet.
Ok I प्यार the following kisses as they are very magical and romantic.Please rate and comment

5.Aladdin & Jasmine:

I प्यार this किस because it was so magical and sweet.I also like this couple because चमेली accepted अलादीन for who he was and she wanted to marry someone who she wants.

4. Belle & Adam(Beast):
Best किस in डिज़्नी History , so romantic as we see fireworks coming from the castle. What I like about this couple is that their both arogant yet Belle accepted him for who he was and not on...
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