Hi guys, I watched 2 of these films and I notice a number of similarities. Ready?


Okay, I remember I watched this 2011 film with my mom, and it was really because the शीर्षक character लॉस्ट his dad after the latter only appear 5 मिनटों of the film when it started!
He tries to survive and along the way, he meets a girl names Isabelle to whom he befriended. She helps him a lot especially about his father's inventions, speaking of Hugo's dad, he also introduces his son to inventions and mechanism.
He also tries to help others, especially Inspector Gustave to clear the misunderstanding between to two and make peace with each other!

Big Hero 6

Like Hugo, the protagonist's sibling only appear during the opening for a few मिनटों and then dies. Coincidentally, Hiro's eldest brother name Tadashi dies while being engulf in the flames that destroys the fair!
Hiro also discovers Tadashi's creation, Baymax and learns about the robot. Hiro also meets some new फ्रेंड्स and tries to save others along the way.
Hiro also deserves to be in the spotlight, very much like Hugo did in his film.

Be Motivated!

Have आप ever seen these 2 films? If not, go ahead and be motivated!
Hang in there, little guy!