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I like this first अलादीन film, but Why doesn't Jafar know that अलादीन is in desguise? Jafar is just angry with Aladdin. I hate this scene. But i do like all the rest of the अलादीन scenes. Jafar is such a pain in this scene. Why doesn't he like Aladdin? He says अलादीन is no difference than the others. What's wrong with Jafar? अलादीन is only desguising as a prince, but Jafar doesn't understand and care that अलादीन is desguising as a prince. Stop being mean to Aladdin, Jafar! This is one of the worst scenes ever.
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फ्रोज़न (2013)
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5.Mother Knows Best (Reprise)
Because it's too creepy O_O

4.Bobidi Babidi Boo
Because it's jut fun :)

3.A Girl Worth Fighting For
Because it's too funny (the video) xD

Because of my favourite singer,Avril Lavigne and the lyrics :)

1.I See The Light
Because it's so romantic! <3_<3

Well,I just sincerly प्यार this songs....

I'll write और as possible :)

And just to hear the best songs here are some links!:

1.Alice: link

2.I See The Light: link

3.Mother Knows Best (Reprise):
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In New York, there was the man called Prince Pyjamarama Scrooge and he used to have a business partner called Jafar, but he died for seven years. It was क्रिस्मस eve, but Pyjamarama या Scrooge आप might call him, hated Christmas. “Bah Humbug!” Snarld Pyjamarama. In Texas Pete’s hideout, there was the greatest superhero of all time, Superbulk with his best friend, Skeleton. Now that Texas Pete was in jail, Bulk and Skeleton could do anything they wanted. They could watch tv, read books, go to the restaurants, watch dvds, go on the internet, save people from dangers and everything. “What...
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