प्रिय deleted डिज़्नी song

 drpatchywalrus posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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डिज़्नी जवाब

Streamlinefan said:
If I Never Knew You, from Pocahontas
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tikki890890 said:
If I never knew you
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posted ·11महीने पहले 
pinkbloom said:
There are many डिज़्नी deleted songs . I like
1. I cant beleive my दिल - Hercules
2 . I did not know i belonged with her - jungle book
3 . To be the king - lion king
4. Never smile at a crocodile- peter pan
5. I am odd - alice in the wonderland
6. संगीत in your खरीडिए - snow white
7. Riddle diddle - sleeping beauty
8. Call me a princess and proud of your boy and आप can count on me - alladin
9. The working song - cindrella
10 - one dance - little mermaid
11. Human again - beauty and the beast
12. Keep them guessing - मूलन
13 . If i never knew आप - ponchastos
14 . और than just the spare-frozen
But the best i I like is one dance from little mermaid
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posted ·11महीने पहले 
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