" Adam what are we going to do? We have no choice but to write to Ariel and Eric, I have a bad feeling about that woman- she seems as sly and merciless as Gaston." कहा Belle anxiously

" Don't worry honey, but I think your right..we should contact Eric and Ariel and just run it across them. Ariel might have an idea who this mystery woman is" replied Adam to his wife.

" Everything Alright Belle?" कहा a soft and sweet voice.

सिंडरेला and Prince Charming were over for चाय visiting from their kingdom.

" Oh yes Cindy, sorry to keep आप guys waiting,...I just ran into a man I believed to be dead and he is with a very evil looking woman that Ariel might know" कहा Belle

" Oh my, आप poor thing. Well, आप always know that Aurora, Snow, Tiana, Mulan, चमेली and I are here for you. Ariel as well so why don't आप write to her and tell her your concern." कहा सिंडरेला comfortingly.
" I will". कहा Belle

Dear Ariel and Eric,
Adam and I came across and old enemy of ours named Gaston. He tried to force me into marriage before Adam and I were married. He fell of the गढ़, महल into the stream down below. We thought he was dead. But today we saw him with a woman, dark hair and heavily-lidded eyes wearing a navy sundress, सुन्दरता and a seashell for a necklace. That's all I caught. I was wondering if आप knew anything about her. If आप know if shes dangerous let us know. Thank you, Your फ्रेंड्स Belle and Adam.
Kisses to Melody!

Meanwhile, Gaston and Vanessa Were back at their lodge discussing something .

" Does she really think I'm that weak that I would just fall of the face of the earth cause that..that BEAST pushed me off a गढ़, महल TOWER!" कहा Gaston ragingly

" Calm yourself Gaston, she looks like some goody two shoes anyway. Like her head is always in the clouds या a book." replied Vanessa with a smug satisfied look on her face.

" Ariel is no different, no wonder they are friends! Brats!, Well we showed them darling. Now what about our wedding. We really don't need anything big and we have everything. Why not get married this weekend?" suggested Vanessa

" Fine idea, Gorgeous. The sooner the better. Then we can start having those sons I have always dreamed of." replied Gaston with a satisfied look.

So the weekend came and Gaston and Vanessa were married. They had something Blue, Something old, and something new. Blue roses...a shell necklace, an एनचांटेड mirror Gaston had, and the new thing was a dog named Diablo.

Priest:" Gaston do आप take Vanessa to be your lawfully wedded wife for as long as आप both shall live?"

Gaston: " I do"

Priest: " Vanessa do आप take Gaston to be your lawfully wedded husband for as long as आप both shall live?"

Vanessa: " I do"

Priest: "than द्वारा the power vested in me I pronounce आप man and wife. आप may किस the bride." Gaston and Vanessa sealed the deal and went on their honeymoon and stayed in a केबिन द्वारा the sea...and, well आप know what happens from here.

Speaking of the sea Ariel and Eric received their letter.
" Eric, Belle and Adam have written to us about some guy and a strange woman they are wondering about-OH Melody don't tear the paper, Mommy is पढ़ना it." कहा Ariel softly

" Come here princess- really Ariel? What kind of woman and how would we know her?" replied Eric

" It says she is a dark-haired woman, with heavily lidded eyes and...a..." CRASH!

" ARIEL! why did आप drop your glass, IS something wrong....?" कहा Eric concerned

" AND..a Sea Shell NECKLACE!..Oh Eric. SHE's Alive!" screamed Ariel