" Im having a baby"
So after Ariel received the terrifying news that Vanessa might be alive she and Eric replied to Belle and Adam. And then the two of them went to visit with Melody.


Vanessa:" आप know I always thought I was too evil to be married, but I find it makes me feel wanted, and I like it" she said, massaging Gaston's Feet after he got back from hunting.

" Whats that," कहा Gaston, he wasn't paying attention.

" I wonder if they figured it out that we aren't dead, that stupid little Mermaid and her dumb friends. She killed my pet eels" कहा Vanessa in a somber voice.

" आप had Pet What?? EELS? I ate them once, they're good" replied Gaston.

Vanessa looked at him concerned and disgusted at the same time.

Back at the Castle, Ariel and Belle were cooing over baby Melody. " Don't tell Adam, I want it to be a surprise, but Im pregnant" revealed Belle.

" Oh Im SO HAPPY FOR YOU!" कहा Ariel.

Eric and Adam were looking especially grumpy.

" I thought I killed that asshole, he's nothing but a selfish BRUTE!!!" कहा Adam angrily.

" Honey your Temper" reminded Belle, with a Smile

" I know how आप feel man, that Seductress I almost married was a freakin octopus?" कहा Eric

" You...almost married an OCTOPUS?" asked Adam Confused.

" Long Story, don't ask" replied Eric

" I guess I should talk, before Belle I used to have फर and walk on all fours." कहा Adam