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Who would be your Best Friend (Girl), your Best Friend (Boy), your Brother, your Sister, Just a Friend (Girl), Just a Friend (Boy), your Mother, your Father, your प्यार Interest and your Arch-Enemy?

For me:

*My Best Friend (Girl): Yzma
*My Best Friend (Boy): Hades
*My Sister: Ursula
*My Brother: Dr. Facilier
*Just a Friend (Girl): Mother Gothel
*Just a Friend (Boy): King Candy/Turbo
*My Mother: Maleficent
*My Father: Jafar
*My प्यार Interest: Captain James Hook
*My Arch-Enemy: Governor John Ratcliffe
Can we use henchman या henchwomen as some of these, या just main villains?
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Thank you.
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your welcome
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डिज़्नी के खलनायक जवाब

Tripod75 said:
My Best Friend (Girl): क्वीन Grimhilde/The Evil Queen
My Best Friend (Boy): Scar
My Sister: Mother Gothel
My Brother: Shere Khan
Just Friend's (Girl): Yzma and Dawn Bellwether
Just Friend's (Boy): Jafar, Hades, Professor Ratigan, Dr. Faciler, Long John Silver, Pete, Prince John, Robert Callaghan/Yokai, Shan Yu, The Horned King, King Candy/Turbo, and Goob/Bowler Hat Guy
My Mother: Ursula
My Father: Captain James Hook
My प्यार Interest: Maleficent
My Arch-Enemy's: Cruella de Vil, Judge Claude Frollo, Percival C. McLeach, Bill Sykes, The क्वीन of Hearts, John Clayton, Gaston, Madame Medusa, and Governor John Ratcliffe
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The other Just a Friend (Girl): Dawn Bellwether and The Evil क्वीन Grimhilde, The other Just a Friend (Boy): Shere Khan, Professor Ratigan, Scar, Shan-Yu, Captain Gantu and Professor Robert Callaghan/Yokai, My other Arch-Enemies: The क्वीन Of Hearts, Cruella De Vil, Gaston LeGume and Judge Claude Frollo.
99148770 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
My other Arch-Enemies: Lady Tremaine and Prince John.
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anaswill said:
Best friends: Jafar and Ursula
Brother: Hook
Sister: Maleficent
Friends: Gothel and Scar
Mother: The क्वीन of Hearts
Father: Facilier
प्यार interest: Shego
Arch-enemy: Hades and Cruella
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