डिज़्नी प्रिन्सेस Transformation countdown! Pick your least प्रिय transformation scene! Counting वोट्स based on टिप्पणियाँ

Pick one:
Evil क्वीन changing into a hag
कद्दू carriage transformation
जानवर changing into horses/humans
सिंडरेला dress transformation
Cinderella’s dress, carriage, and जानवर changing back to normal
The परियों changing their clothes
The परियों changing their size
the परियों changing the rocks and arrows into bubbles and फूल
Maleficent transforming into a dragon
Ariel becoming human in Ursula’s घर
Ursula becoming Vanessa
Ariel transforming back into a mermaid
Vanessa turning back into Ursula
Ursula becoming a giant
Ariel becoming a human at the end
Beast changing into a human
The servants changing back into humans
Genie's magic throughout movie
अलादीन changing into a prince
Genie changing Abu into varies things until deciding on हाथी
Abu changing into an हाथी
अलादीन changing back into a सड़क, स्ट्रीट चूहा and Abu changing back into monkey
Rajah turning into a kitten
Jafar turning Abu into toy
Jafar unraveling Carpet
Jafar transforming into a giant snake
Jafar transforming into a genie
Mushu waking up at the beginning
Naveen changing into a frog
Tiana changing into a frog
रे changing into a तारा, स्टार at the end
Naveen and Tiana becoming humans again
Mother Gothel becoming young at the beginning
Mother Gothel becoming old at the end
Elinor changing into a भालू
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