डिज़्नी प्रिन्सेस Valentines मतदान 6/14: What's your प्रिय romantic thing about Aladdin?

Pick one:
Aladdin's face when he saw चमेली for the first time
अलादीन and Jasmine's awkward moment
अलादीन दिखा रहा है चमेली his घर
अलादीन and Jasmine's conversation and possible almost किस
अलादीन taking चमेली on a magic carpet ride
the song A Whole New World
the roof scene
the किस
अलादीन and Jasmine's hug
चमेली choosing अलादीन to be her husband
the song A Whole New World reprise
the final किस
अलादीन and चमेली being a couple
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