डिज़्नी प्रिन्सेस A Movie Staring डिज़्नी Princesses, Round 7. Pick a Tritagonist (Rapunzel is the protagonist and Anna is the deuteragonist)

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Snow White
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WinterSpirit809 picked Ariel:
Have fun!

Round 1: Protagonist- Rapunzel
Round 2: Protagonist's best friend/deuteragonist- Anna
Round 3: Main Villain- Tiana
Round 4: Villain's minion- Elsa
Round 5: "Tough Girl"- Merida
Round 6: Protagonist's rival- Belle

Round 7: Tritagonist (Third most important character)
Round 8: Major Character who dies
Round 9: Good person turned evil
Round 10: Protagonist's Dead Family member
Round 11: Annoying Popular Girl From before Events
Round 12: The comic relief
Remaining 13th will be a minor character with a big role.

Bonus Round: Protagonist's love interest
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3xZ picked मूलन:
I missed round 5 & 6 and I'm glad that the winners are the ones I will pick too! XD @WinterSpirit809: Are you planning to make an article for this countdown? It'll be fun to read and I have my own opinions too!

Rapunzel is, as I've commented in Round 1, my ideal protagonist: she is bright, brilliant, inspiring, feisty, sociable, eloquent, diplomatic, determined, curious, and has ambition (quite ambitious, as the matter of fact). Her worst trait is that she is manipulative and will use this trait to force others smoothly (without making them realised that she did that) to help her achieving her aim, though she will regret it later XD.

Anna, the deuteragonist, has some similar traits to Rapunzel, as in my comment in Round 2, so they can be kindred spirits. Yet, she is less ambitious and may be a bit silly, but she is forever loyal, supportive, understanding, as well as daring, optimistic, and selfless to her best friend. She is the perfect Sam Gamgee for Rapunzel. One more point, she is funny :D.

At first, I've been thinking of picking Ariel too as the tritagonist. But then, I've changed my mind after realising that the protagonist and deuteragonist are alike to Ariel's traits. I don't think it will be good to have three main characters with all similar personalities. So, we need someone different; someone who is level-headed, humble, down-to-earth, serious, dutiful, but also clever and Mulan suits the category.
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wavesurf picked Ariel:
^Except Ariel isn't manipulative. She gets help from Sebastian in "kiss the girl" ( he really does the manipulation). Ariel really just wants to be human, and she wants to communicate with Eric. There is little manipulation by Ariel in the movie, save for Ursula's prompting to kiss Eric in three days. Ariel just wants to see the land above and the landscape. Ariel genuinely cares about what happens to Eric and her dad and all of her friends. Ariel has more in common with Mulan in that respect. At the end of the movie, Mulan ( like Ariel) also gets all of her friends together, including Shang, to help her storm the palace and save the Emperor and the country. I've always seen Ariel and Mulan as two halves of the same coin. Neither one is truly manipulative, but both are determined to save the ones they love-- be it family members, friends, or would-be love interests.

Rapunzel and Anna ( as you've said) are able to "plant" ideas in other people, and get these other people to believe that these ideas originated with themselves. Ariel and Mulan are not able to do that, really. They always "mess up" when they attempt to be manipulative.... Eric withdraws from Ariel's attempt to kiss him, and Ariel gets herself embarrassed. Mulan gets everyone to believe she is a man, but she is found out in a very obvious way. So I think Ariel or Mulan would both be a good fit for tritagonist. Both Ariel and Mulan aren't good manipulators, and they would be a good foil for the likes of Rapunzel, Anna, and Merida ( who are all supremely gifted at manipulation), and Tiana and Elsa ( who are, to a degree, loners with excellent skill sets).

This head canon is getting interesting. lol.
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WinterSpirit809 picked Ariel:
@3xZ- I am in fact doing an article on these but it will be a Wiki Style (as stupid as it sound) but I will use your ideas as a way to describe Rapunzel and Anna. Thanks for the ideas!

@wavesurf-I agree. I think both Ariel and Mulan would be perfect for the role of tritagonist because they are easily manipulated. But I lean more towards Ariel here
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3xZ picked मूलन:
@wavesurf: It's not my point that Ariel can't be a good tritagonist because of, like Rapunzel and Anna (I don't see the latter as a manipulator, though), she's also manipulative. She's not as good as Mulan to be the tritagonist because she has so many similar traits to the prota/deuteragonist. Bubbly ✓ Cheerful ✓ Imaginative ✓ Extroverted ✓ Hopeless romantic (Anna only) ✓ Joy as the leading emotion ✓ Therefore, she doesn't fit the tritagonist place for me. Can you imagine three main characters with all of them are similar in personality? It will be considered lack of various/original main characters and I dislike redundancy. I'm just telling my true statement of preferring Mulan to Ariel.

(Anyway, I always think that these prota/deutera/tritagonist are trios. Can a tritagonist exist without having a trio in the story?)

@WinterSpirit809: That's great! You're welcome! I can't wait to see it.
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