डिज़्नी प्रिन्सेस TIE-BREAKER: Best DP Sidekick. Position 20th.

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24 fans picked:
The Seven Dwarfs
Mushu & Crickee
Mama Odie
 anukriti2409 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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anukriti2409 picked Mushu & Crickee:
Though I mentioned, "no tie-breaker" before Top 15, but 4 sidekicks at one position is way too unfair for them.

I choose Mushu, sorry, it's tied to Crickee. I hate this character after Mulan II. He's selfish, liar and a cheat. He fits more a DP villain for me.
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tiffany88 picked The Seven Dwarfs:
I have no problem with the dwarfs but since I can't stand Dopey, I have to pick theme.
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wavesurf picked The Seven Dwarfs:
The Seven dwarfs, Angus, or Mama Odie.
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NCISLuverjk93 picked The Seven Dwarfs:
I originally chose Odie but I love Mushu and don't want him to go out. So either the dwarves, Odie or Agnus can go.
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AudreyFreak picked Mushu & Crickee:
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laylastepford picked Angus:
So said, I really love the 7 Dwarfs and their role in the film and I don't understand why they're not so liked.

I choose Angus because I'm not sure if he had a real role in the film at all or not; Seemed more like background almost.
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