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 Young Snow White
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Happy first night of Passover, DP club!
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 Anna relates to Silvermist
Anna relates to Silvermist
Coolsinger198 and I both had the same idea ironically to write a fairy लेख to the relations of the परियों to the princesses. But sadly her लेख had trouble posting, so I want to give her some credit for this since she had the same idea as me.

I watched Tinker Bell: The Pirate Fairy not too long पूर्व and I absolutely loved it, especially Baby Tic Toc. Then I started noticing some similarities between the परियों and the princesses in further notice through the film. Quite frankly some even looked like the princesses. Although I caught the indifference through डिज़्नी heroines and sidekicks...
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So this is pretty लोकप्रिय in the मतदानो द्वारा asking which of your unpopular opinions would आप agree with most. I decided if make an लेख instead because it seems और unique and stuff, so here आप go, I hope आप enjoy hating it :) या maybe even agreeing with it.

I think Rapunzel is और attractive than Elsa
To me I don't actually think Elsa is a gorgeous as everyone says. She has a very mature look but Rapunzel looks girlish and playful, I'd prefer that kind of look over Mature and Sexy any day. आप see, Elsa looks like a model, Rapunzel looks like that everyday beauty just with a brighter...
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I look up to सिंडरेला because she is an amazing princess who takes pride in her personality. सिंडरेला never let's others bring her down, when her evil step sisters and step mother would say mean things to her and force her to be their maid she never stoop to their level. सिंडरेला would always stay positive and know that someday her happy ever after would come and sooner या later it did. So I think everyone should be like सिंडरेला and never give up hope and stoop to others level. Whenever someone mistreats आप या makes आप feel down just remember सिंडरेला and have hope that someday आप will have your Happily Ever After.

I hope that everyone learns something from this article.
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 Ariel earned best picture द्वारा stunning the judges with this very high fashion re-interpretation of steam punk
Ariel earned best picture by stunning the judges with this very high fashion re-interpretation of steam punk
पूर्व लेख links:
Week 1:link
Week 2:link
Week 3:link
Week 4:link

Previously on DNTM: चमेली and Ariel become good फ्रेंड्स and the majority of the मॉडेल struggle at a steam punk themed चित्र shoot. Anna was deemed the one who struggled the most and she was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Elsa: I am really sad because Anna went home. She is my sister and I wanted to experience this with her all they way to the final two. I just have to worry about my performance in the competition and forget that Anna is no longer here.
 Elsa is sad about Anna leaving
Elsa is sad about...
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These are just some simple scenarios I created of some of my Non/Canon shippings that involve the डिज़्नी Princesses. I don't ship anyone with Snow White, Belle, चमेली (I do, but..), Mulan, या Tiana romantically. I just prefer them in their canon couple. Just Cindy, Aurora, Ariel, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, and Elsa are included. So aye, here we go. c:

Cinderella and Jim Hawkins

The perfect scenario is pretty much explained in this video. Ahh.. ♥ I प्यार the idea of this couple, and this video pretty much sealed the deal with me:


 creds to moi. :3
creds to moi. :3

Aurora and Phoebus

I ship Aurora...
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Hello there everyone, I'm new here. So I thought I would tell आप a bit about myself.

My name is Katherine Ann Lacroix. I go द्वारा Katy या Kathy though, some people have resorted to calling me KAL. My close family calls me queenie minie, since I'm such a tiny क्वीन like girl. I'm also the Ultimate Perfectionist. I live in Virginia, USA
My प्रिय princess is Cinderella, along with Belle, मूलन and Ariel. I don't really like any of the newer princesses except for Rapunzel maybe.

My सूची is:
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