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Source: Disney, Riona Fury
riona fury
In 2012, Rapunzel arrived on the scene in Disney's "Tangled," making history as the first ever computer generated princess. When टैंगल्ड came out, it was a big hit and Rapunzel became an instant तारा, स्टार with her adventurous personality, rambunctious nature, and long hair.

However, it didn't stop there. 2 years later, the world was introduced to another 3d princess. A red, curly haired, sword-swinging, bow and ऐरो shooting lass from the highlands of Scotland named Merida. Much like Rapunzel, Merida became an instant तारा, स्टार on her arrival, even before then. Pictures and artwork of her were all over...
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*Please read my other लेख for सिंडरेला at my profiles लेखाए that i've created for further misunderstandings.

1. Two Tone सोना Snow White Bow Diamond Ring .05
This beautiful ring relates to Snow White द्वारा representing her red bow except this bow is coated with diamonds and is platinum however it's core (i call the ring part the core) is gold, and the ribbon also has a गुलाबी sapphire heart.

2. White Pendant 14K Solid Yellow सोना

What's better for a snow white हार than a हार of a pendant that has a perfect picture of snow white herself? It has two tones of gold-
one yellow gold,...
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Since most of the डिज़्नी princesses are derived from fairy tales they have gone through many transformations before डिज़्नी took their stab at it. I’m going to use the stories I grew up on as “the original”.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
In the original Brothers Grimm story the evil क्वीन tries three times before the poisoned सेब to kill Snow White and fails, ones with a poison comb, once with a murderously tight hair ribbon and another time with a similarly tight corset. Each time she is saved द्वारा the dwarves. डिज़्नी also gets rid of the queens violent smashing of the magic...
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 hips are way to hipster, so is a good personality, songs, a man.....
hips are way to hipster, so is a good personality, songs, a man.....
I think we all know that hips don't lie. They clearly will दिखाना आप a good princess from a bad one. I for one, really think hips deserve और recognition because they make या break a princess. So yeah, let's start with the hip mania. *I'd leave now, this लेखाए gonna be pretty intense*

10. Ariel

Ariel's hips are the biggest liars I've ever met! They walk in like, whaddup I got some big scales, and walks out with human hips. (Did आप see that pop culture reference, I'm like the movie Hercules) It's like, whoa. What. Just. Happened. I'm just gonna stop right here because Ariel's hips are almost...
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First a little introduction, I have every intention of seeing this movie, but here are my personal judgments of this movie based on the controversies surrounding it, trailers and so forth. Since i like to end on a happy note, we'll start with the bad.
5. THE pRINCESS: When I first saw this trailer i was thinking "how the hell can a black waitress from New Orleans in the 20's be a princess? but the और trailers that got released i slowly realized that Tiana isn't actually a princess at all, at least not द्वारा birth anyway, suddenly the whole she turns into a frog thing made allot और sense. But...
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It was a साल after the glorious wedding of Eugene and Rapunzel tied the knot. The whole Kingdom of Corona celebrated the couple's first anniversary. There was संगीत which filled up hearts with glee, dancing that adorned the very streets of the Kingdom and a feast that filled up the stomachs of all the villagers! When night fell, the Kingdom party was still rocking, the only thing missing was the actual couple.

Rapunzel and Eugene were on the very नाव they were in on Rapunzel's 18th birthday.
"I प्यार this," Eugene कहा to Rapunzel "I प्यार us, I प्यार you." he added.
Rapunzel gazed into his eyes,...
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