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 Walt डिज़्नी Gifs - Princess चमेली
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
Walt डिज़्नी Gif of Princess चमेली from "Aladdin" (1992)
walt डिज़्नी
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walt डिज़्नी gifs
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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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I have a few theories about Hans. I've been having a few ideas ever since I watched फ्रोज़न back in November. I have two theories.

Theory #1
Don't hate me, but I had to bring this up once I thought about it. Seems like a lot of people think Elsa and Anna look like Rapunzel. But when आप really give it a look, Hans looks like Rapunzel and Eugene combined. Hans has Eugene's jawline, a combination of both their noses, his chin, Eugene's forehead, Rapunzel's eyes, Eugene's eyebrow shape, Rapunzel's lip shape and rounder cheeks, Rapunzel's thick eyelashes, and Eugene's thing of having a little bit...
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I'm bored on fanpop, haven't written anything myself in ages (sorry, still working on my प्रिय list!) so here's a cliché looks सूची for आप guys to enjoy या totally hate. ;) Elsa and Anna included.

13. Merida.

I think Merida's eyes look good in some shots like in this pic. In others, she looks rather scary (like Chuckie, if you've read my old Prettiest list). If she had और defined lashes and maybe a less circular shape I'd have her higher. I don't think they're bad eyes; I just prefer the others.

 Wide, innocent, and sky-blue
Wide, innocent, and sky-blue

12. Ariel.

I'm still trying to decide if Ariel's should...
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I know I'm a terrible person for doing this but I couldn't resist! Feel free to call me a pig.

Snow White-Kill
I प्यार Snow White, I really do but I wouldn't want to marry her. I mean can't survive a voice like that for the rest of my life. And I certainly wouldn't have sex with her because she's way too young and she's not very attractive. Sorry.

Duh! Who wouldn't want to marry Cinderella! She cooks, she cleans, she's sweet, she's laid back and she has a wonderful गाना voice. Obviously sex comes along with marriage, so it's a win-win. I'd प्यार to have her hand in marriage.

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Disclaimer: I know the डिज़्नी Princesses' have मॉडेल who perform actions so that the animators can define how to draw that particular movement. However, I also believe that the animators draw inspiration from their voice actors. Also this लेख is just focused on the character's non-singing voice actor in the case that they have a separate one for when they sing.

1. Snow White: Adrianna Caselotti

Her features all in all are nearly identical to Snow White's. She has dark hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She has a simple nose, and is always smiling, which is also similar to Snow White. In fact,...
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♥ Please note: I did not just think of looks, I only chose actors/actresses who have impressed me with their screen-presence and charisma. Some of them are choices that don't necessarily look the part as much as alternative choices, but these casting decisions would be the most successful and intriguing to me personally. My choices were based on a blend of अभिनय skills, appearance, voice, and current age in 2011. ♥

Gabriella Wilde as AURORA

Tom Welling as ERIC

Avan Jogia as ALADDIN

Shay Mitchell as POCAHONTAS

Nina Dobrev as BELLE

Lainie Kazan as URSULA

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by: JonnaSe, Onceuponaweenie, Diluka96, & Princesslullaby
This लेख took a lot of deciding and arguing. We feel it's a really important लेख to write and add to the लेख section, like so many of the 'favorites' लेखाए and countdowns that have been made lately. It's crucial to make this. It's definitely not just making an लेख for the sake of making an article.

Ariel’s knees aren’t there until the सेकंड act. They probably smell like fish. And they aren't even REAL knees. They don’t दिखाना the true depth and soul of her character. After all, everyone knows knees...
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Okay, so I'm going to try to help fanfiction authors again. या criticize them. Whichever one it seems I'm doing better.

Anyway, in my लेख 'Common Mistakes Made द्वारा डिज़्नी Fanfiction Writers' I pointed out that many authors have Aurora play the role of the mean, लोकप्रिय girl in their high school AUs, probably because Aurora is a very unpopular princess.

Since I find it very irritating when characters are written OCC, I am going to सूची all of the डिज़्नी girls that I feel could play a good mean girl when written in-character. Of course, it would depend on what type of person the character...
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 Even a princess slips up sometimes...
Even a princess slips up sometimes...
I think this लेख has been done before, but I want to go ahead and सूची the things that I think are each of their biggest faults which are what make them who they are, and make us प्यार them even और :)

I absolutely प्यार Jasmine! She's got this fiery personality and is strong willed and speaks her mind. This is something I प्यार about her, but can also put her at fault sometimes. She's a bit too harsh and feisty which makes her appear bitchy to some people. She comes across as too snappy and almost mean sometimes (like me! xD). This just makes her all the और realistic and lovable...
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 Everyone's reaction to fanfiction
Everyone's reaction to fanfiction
I प्यार पढ़ना fanfiction. Especially the really stupid ones where some Mary Sue meets Justin Bieber at स्टारबक्स and two मिनटों later, she's pregnant.
Anyway, डिज़्नी fanfiction is usually read-able... usually.

Now, I don't write fanfiction. Frankly, I'm far too lazy to finish a full story, although I am quite imaginative and I do feel that I understand the characters well enough to do an okay job in portraying them. A big problem in डिज़्नी fanfiction, and fanfiction in general, is that authors often misunderstand the characters.

In this article, I am going to focus solely on high school AUs,...
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