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 Walt डिज़्नी Gifs - Princess Ariel
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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
Walt डिज़्नी Gif of Princess Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" (1989)
walt डिज़्नी
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walt डिज़्नी gifs
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princess ariel
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posted by ApplesauceDoctr
 Princess Lineup (as of Dec. 2013)
Princess Lineup (as of Dec. 2013)
Hello, and welcome to my सेकंड article! I am ApplesauceDoctr, and today I shall discuss the redesigns of the डिज़्नी Princesses made earlier this year. There have been some major changes, including new hairstyles, new dresses, and of course, a ton of sparkles. How do their new designs stack up to their original DP designs? Let's find out!

I won't be evaluating these द्वारा how accurate the redesigns look to the actual character to the movie; this will evaluate how the redesign looks in comparison to the पूर्व DP design. If that doesn't make sense, let's just begin and you'll get the hang of it....
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Sigh..... I know this is the third डिज़्नी princess outfit लेख in a row but with all due respect to KataraLover and sweetie94 I've been working on mine for awhile and I hope आप don't feel like I ripped आप off. There's not a princess who's outfits I entirely hate, so this सूची was a bit difficult to make. Keep in mind these are just my opinions also.

10. Rapunzel

Ok so our सूची starts out with one of the प्रिय gone. I know a lot of people enjoy her purple dress but I just don't. It reminds me of a kids costume that little kids wear at the parks. It's short and is that purple that...
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Here's the fifth लेख for the Best डिज़्नी Princess hair style countdown. It covers the places from 1 to 10. Enjoy!

Read the Best डिज़्नी Princess hair style countdown: places 41-51 लेख link
Read the Best डिज़्नी Princess hair style countdown: places 31-40 लेख link
Read the Best डिज़्नी Princess hair style countdown: places 21-30 लेख link
Read the Best डिज़्नी Princess hair style countdown: places 11-20 लेख link

10. Rapunzel - braid

This is a very cute hair style. The braid definitely सूट्स her a lot, and she looks way better than when her hair is long and loose. The फूल in...
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I've come to ask myself this सवाल recently. I mean everyone knows there can only be one Prince Charming but is he as charming as his name suggests. Does he deserve to be the चोटी, शीर्ष डिज़्नी prince along with his true love, Cinderella? Personally I think all of the princes should be equal but still, I would like to know... (the ratings will be out of 5) I'll be adding a new set every दिन until It's finished and we know who the real Prince Charming is... (last line from my Polyvore)

The Prince: I kinda wish he had a name (although most people think his name is Prince Charming, this is not true....
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 Beast dies but is turned back into a human
Beast dies but is turned back into a human
I प्यार how in some फिल्में that डिज़्नी does features someone dying it kinda makes the story of the film somehow sad and emotional. So here are my चोटी, शीर्ष 4 favourite almost death scenes. SPOILERS AHEAD

# 4Snow White getting poisoned with the poison apple: This has to be the weirdest scene I have seen in a डिज़्नी movie I mean getting poisoned द्वारा an सेब how stupid is that and I thought she died and went to heaven as the गढ़, महल was like in the skies.

#3 John Smith getting shot द्वारा Radcliff: This one I was so shocked when I seen this as it was so emotional and very sad. I like how John asks Pocahontas...
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10.The Beginning of Ariel's Beginning
I found the very first few मिनटों of this movie to be magical. It was great to dive back into Atlantica and see where it all began.

9.Ariel Listens to संगीत Again for the First Time
After क्वीन Athena's death, Triton banned all संगीत in the city of Atlantica. With all the gloominess that has settled upon Atlantica, it was amazing to see संगीत thrive once again (even if it was a secret).

8.Queen Athena Sings
This is the first time we see क्वीन Athena. It's so magical because I think we all wondered what Ariel's mother would be like. I don't know...
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posted by KataraLover
Once there was a handsome rich man, who had a beautiful wife who was kind as she was beautiful. They also had a beautiful little girl(5 years old right now) named Cinderella, she was named after her mother Ella, also the she loved to watch the cinders fly from the आग place. But one दिन out of nowhere the rich woman died. After a साल the rich man married again he felt his daughter needed a mother. She was a woman of good family with two daughters just Cinderella's age द्वारा name ऐनस्टेशिया and Drizella. However after two years of marriage the good man died leaveing his daughter broken hearted....
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posted by disney_prince
Name: Pocahontas
Meaning: Pocahontas means "little wanton" but according to other referances it means "Little Mischief" (as a native american translation)
aka: Former names of real historic women Matoaka (or Matoika) and Amonute, Pocahontas was a childhood nickname, the historic figures forced baptism and marriage to John Rolfe left her with the name Lady Rebecca Rolfe, sometimes called Princess Pocahontas.
Disney film: Pocahontas, 33rd डिज़्नी classic, 1995
Voice: Irene Bedard
Singing voice: Judy Kuhn
Model: Irene Bedard
Based on: The real historical figure and the created romance...
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